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Mauro Crosignani

Mauro Crosignani

Data Analyst



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Introduction to Python

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Data Analyst

Quantitative storyteller, weaving narratives through data analysis.

My Work

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Feature Engineering for Predicting Hotel Bookings with tidymodels - solution (copy)


Introduction to SQL


Introduction to Python

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ORT Executive Program in Advanced Business Analytics

ORT Executive Program in Business Analytics

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My Work Experience

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BPS | Feb 1998 - Present

Business Analyst

I specialize in data analysis, extracting valuable insights from the labor databases of both workers and companies in Uruguay. Through meticulous examination, I derive meaningful conclusions from this wealth of information. My role involves describing trends, patterns, and correlations to provide comprehensive assessments that aid in informed decision-making.
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My Education

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Certified Public Accountant in AccountingUDELAR | 2005

About Me

Mauro Crosignani

Over the past 3 years, I have immersed myself in a rewarding learning journey. Enrolling in postgraduate level courses, I dedicated myself to both theoretical exploration and hands-on project endeavors.

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