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Mauro Esposito

Mauro Esposito

Bioinformatician | Computational biologist

Unemployed | Trieste


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Introduction to Python

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Introduction to Python


Introduction to Python

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SISSA | Nov 2018 - Feb 2023

PhD in Functional and Structural Genomics

- Expertise in NGS data analysis from raw data (e.g. DNA-seq, RNA-seq and TRAP-seq) - Tools development for quantifying transposons from RNA-seq data (e. g. https://github.com/mauroesposito90/Rindalyzer) - Analysis of large-scale datasets such as 1000 Genomes Project and Geuvadis Project - Data presentation for lab meeting, code reviews and journal clubs IT skills: - R programming - Python basics - Experience in Unix/Linux systems (Bash) - Work on HPC clusters (Slurm and PBS) Publications: - Esposito M. et al., “Transposons Acting as Competitive Endogenous RNAs: In-Silico Evidence from Datasets Characterised by L1 Overexpression”; Biomedicines, 2022 - “TEspeX: consensus-specific quantification of transposable element expression preventing biases from exonized fragments”; Bioinformatics, 2022 - “Meta-Analysis Suggests That Intron Retention Can Affect Quantification of Transposable Elements from RNA-Seq Data”; Biology, 2022 - “Foxg1 regulates translation of neocortical neuronal genes, including the main NMDA receptor subunit gene, Grin1”; Under review (bioRxiv), 2022 Poster: - Esposito M. et al., “Transposable elements activation following global DNA demethylation: Exploration of transcriptional responses” (Bioinformatics Italian Society, Annual Meeting 2021)
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Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn | May 2018 - Jul 2018

Volunteer Apprentice

- Development of R tools for window-based genomic analyses - Exploration of aligner performances such as STAR, Bowtie and BWA - Analyses support for the scientific community

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Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Functional and Structural Genomics  · (novembreSISSA | 2023
Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology, BiotechnologyUniversità degli Studi di Napoli Federico II | 2017
Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, BiotechnologyUniversità degli Studi di Napoli Federico II | 2014

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