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Mawada Sweis

Mawada Sweis


An-Najah National University | Palestine


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Predict Class Name for Unseen Document

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Data Analysis in Excel

Data sensei, guiding others on the path of analytical enlightenment.

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Predict Class Name for Unseen Document


Smart Task Management


Predict Car Price


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My Work Experience

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Quartz Technologies | Mar 2024 - Present

Backend Developer Intern

Until now, I deepened my understanding of essential data structures, SQL, TypeScript, and APIs with Postman.
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ASAL Technologies | Sep 2023 - Dec 2023

Dotnet Developer Intern

I build a Task Management website using ASP.NET Core and OpenAI. I practiced OOP and MVC architecture, adding features like user registration, task management, automatic task description generation, and profile updates. This experience improved my skills in web development and AI.

ASAL Technologies | Jul 2023 - Aug 2023

AI Engineer Intern

I developed a dynamic meeting summarization tool leveraging Gradio and OpenAI API. Applying advanced NLP techniques, I meticulously removed punctuation marks, tokenized input, eliminated stopwords, and performed stemming on transcript tokens. Filter out filler words, optimizing the output for brief and meaningful summaries. Diverse methods yield varied results, underscoring the differences in their effectiveness.

My Education

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Bachelor of Science - BS in Computer Science Apprenticeship - Artificial IntelligenceAn Najah National University | 2019

About Me

Mawada Sweis

As an AI engineer student, I bring expertise in Python, along with understanding of machine learning fundamentals, data science and NLP. My motivation thrives on support, and the joy of sharing knowledge within the AI Arab community.

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