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Omar  Mendizábal Escalante

Omar Mendizábal Escalante



UNAM | Mexico


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Introduction to SQL

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Analyzing Students' Mental Health

Quantitative strategist, harnessing the power of data for strategic advantage.

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Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL


Joining Data in SQL

My Certifications

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SQL Associate

SQL Associate

Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

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My Work Experience

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Facultad de Economía UNAM | Jan 2024 - Present

Associate Professor


Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público | Apr 2023 - Present

Director of Financial Planning

Management and monitoring of domestic and foreign debt programming for the current year and projection of scenarios to predetermined time horizons, in addition to analysis of other public debt items. Issuance process of new government securities (Cetes, Udibonos, Bonos M, Bonos S, Bondes F/G). Application of data engineering to strengthen information infrastructure.
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Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público | Feb 2021 - Mar 2023

Deputy Director of Sovereign Securities

Creation of data infrastructure (PostgreSQL+Python+Redash), from planning to execution, to implement Business Intelligence on domestic debt market. Data analysis for peso-denominated debt issuance strategy (Bonos, Cetes, Udibonos, Bondes F/G). Support in management of public credit projects and market development. Research and management of sustainable issues (ESG) for the local debt market, member of the team that issued the first sustainable sovereign bond in local currency called BONDES G.

Urbvan | Sep 2019 - Feb 2021

Data Analyst

Data analysis (SQL) for the organization, design and planning of dashboards for internal use and for corporate clients. At the same time, design of schemas and data pipelines along with front end and back end programming (Python) in certain projects.

El Colegio de México | Apr 2019 - Sep 2019

Research Assistant

Work about return migration and demographics.

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología | Nov 2016 - Nov 2018

Research Assistant

Development of statistics on poverty and inequality, in addition to coding on the National Survey of Income and Expenses (published by INEGI) and National Survey of Employment (INEGI) for income-labor stratification project.

Banco de México | Sep 2017 - Mar 2018


Coding low-scale databases through collect data from international organizations aimed to macroeconomic, fiscal and monetary analysis within the Operations Directorate of Central Banking.

Facultad de Economía UNAM | Aug 2013 - Mar 2016

Research Intern

Public management projects at the UNAM's Faculty of Economics.

My Education

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Bachelor in MathematicsUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México | 2024
Bachelor in EconomicsUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México | 2018

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Omar  Mendizábal Escalante

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