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Menelaos Gkikas

Writer, Digital Marketer, AI Scientist, Transformational Leader

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Introduction to Python


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Homebound | Jan 2019 - Present

Multimedia Publisher - Storytelling: Creativity (Creative Knowledge Management)

Conceptualize, develop and deliver a portfolio of social media, digital marketing, website optimisation and copywriting projects. Create visual and digital tools that facilitate storytelling and enhance audience engagement / interaction. Apply expertise in multi-channel marketing to position brands in competitive markets, with focus on technical and digital innovation. Engage with agencies to promote social / digital creativity. • Launched, established and managed the Maker’s Dust writer’s page via Google Blogspot and developed associated Facebook page, creative profile via Google My Business and LinkedIn business page. https:// makersdust.blogspot.com • Created an e-Disneyland model and engaging content for the Theme Tales blog, with focus areas including digital content development, storytelling, artistic design, creative writing and entertainment. • Built social media channels, including the launch of a YouTube channel and preparation of content across arts, culture, books and creative writing in addition to hosting podcasts via Apple iTunes and SoundCloud. • Authored, promoted and published various books and screenplays, including When Magic Truly Happens (Book, 2021), Krista’s Instinct (Screenplay, 2021) and The Words of Emily Logan (Book & Screenplay, 2019). • Addressed WeScreenplay (Hollywood's #1 script coverage service) and working on a primitive approval for a movie deal. • Project managed various industry events, such as the ProBoards Writing Forum on art/fantasy and content syndication matters as well as book presentations at Klepsydra Magazine and Culture Club Enastron. • Presented at The Independent Authors Network and completed a website and author interview for their network – with success launching a subsequent Twitter campaign that greatly boosted followers. • Networked and addressed The Awesome Gang Network, securing partner relationships with Book Goodies, My Book Place and Pretty Hot following completion of engaging interviews.
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Greek Wikipedia | Mar 2015 - Jun 2018

Volunteer Editor (Volunteering Content Management (manage the syntax))

Accountable for fact-checking writers’ articles, creating lemma and optimising written pieces to increase user engagement in the areas of art, philosophy and creative writing. Ensured a meticulous attention to detail and the completion of tasks in line with required standards. Provided support to a newly founded NGO to facilitate smooth integration to the team. • Successfully completed a comprehensive training programme, covering the areas of neutrality, intellectual property rights, objectivity and cooperativeness in editorial reviews.

Business Game Simulations Inventor & Manager | Jan 2009 - Aug 2014

Freelance (Digital Strategy Management)

Created and developed high quality business simulation models, including marketing games, organizational intelligence and theatre warfare experiences utilizing multiple variables and characteristics. Applied expertise of mixed media, interactive web, ticket points, RPG and entertainment modelling to create primary material and connect themes. Optimized website content via strategic marketing scenario planning, combined space advertising and educational puzzles. • Delivered business game simulation software and mathematical engine to monitor the emotional intelligence of employees, facilitating the identification of training and personal development opportunities. • Connected management scorecards with interactive Cloud gaming as a concept to aid strategy planning

My Education

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Certificate, Solving Problems With AI & Advanced Algorithms Of EstimationNational & Kapodistrian University of Athens | 2023
Online Certificates By Coursera & DeepLearning.AI Company, Machine Learning SpecializationStanford University | 2023
Certificate, Deep Learning EssentialsCognitive Class | 2021
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), MarketingCity University of Seattle | 2008
Bachelor's Degree, Industrial Management & TechnologyUniversity of Piraeus | 2004

About Me

I'm looking to bridge my data skills gaps and become an official developer in Python, R, SQL, as well as further improvement of MATLAB, Octave being taught at the University of Athens, AI. I'm open to roles, a scientific profile as well as AI.

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