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Mina Hanna

Mina Hanna

Energy Storage Analyst

Pivot Energy | New Orleans


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Pivot Energy | May 2022 - Present

Energy Storage Analyst

• Conducted financial modeling analyses of solar-plus-storage and standalone energy storage projects, utilizing Excel and other financial software to determine project costs and overall value, resulting in accurate revenue projections of $220M across 45 projects. • Developed and implemented a data-driven approach to market analysis, resulting in the identification of key trends and insights that informed strategic decision-making for the executive team. • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to create the development process for hybrid and standalone storage projects in various ISO markets by successfully presenting complex technical and financial data to non-technical executives, resulting in a massive improvement in the decision-making process. • Implemented a comprehensive project tracking system for monitoring market strategies and project acquisition opportunities and identified areas for improvement to help the executive team make better decisions about which opportunities to pursue. • Utilized advanced Excel functions such as VLOOKUP and pivot tables to streamline data analysis processes, reducing project turnaround time.
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ABC Solar NoLa | Apr 2022 - May 2022

Business Operations Intern

• Developed pricing models and solar power plant designs. • Analyzed local, state, and federal energy policies and regulations. • Modeled cash flows and net present value for prospective investors. • Audited prospective client properties for energy utilization and efficiency. • Created a business model targeted at expanding solar energy affordable to non-profits in New Orleans.

Burkenroad Reports | Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

Equity Research Analyst

• Conducted comprehensive research on Callon Petroleum, analyzing all public filings, building cash flow and earnings projection models, and conducting exclusive C-Suite interviews to develop a deep understanding of the company's financials and operations. • Developed multiple valuation methods, including DCF analysis and comparable company analysis, resulting in accurate valuation estimates that were used by institutional investors to make informed investment decisions. • Streamlined Callon Petroleum’s financial model to publish a detailed and unbiased investment research report read by over 20,000 investors, portfolio managers, and firms. • Achieved recognition for equity analysis expertise, as Burkenroad Reports receives features from multiple news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, BARRON’S, Kiplinger, and CNBC.

Tulane University - A.B. Freeman School of Business | Jan 2021 - May 2021

Market Research Analyst

• Conducted extensive market research to identify new opportunities for revenue generation, resulting in the identification of three untapped renewable market segments. • Conducted comprehensive market analysis of the solar, wind, and hydrogen energy industries, identifying potential revenue streams for Danos, resulting in a recommendation to pivot resources towards the solar O&M industry. • Developed comprehensive go-to-market plans for Danos's expansion into the renewable energy sector, utilizing data-driven insights and forecasting models to project a minimum revenue increase of $150M by 2030.

Schlumberger | Mar 2019 - May 2020

M-I Integrated Fluids, Solids, & Equipment Field Engineer

• Administered daily operations on 18+ drilling rigs, conducting root-cause analysis to resolve drilling fluid issues. • Reduced chemical product usage costs by 20% by identifying significant discrepancies in product orders placed by field engineers, leveraging expertise in comprehensive analysis and excel models. • Analyzed, identified, isolated, resolved, and repaired overall operational issues. • Performed daily testing of complex drilling fluid systems and prevented Non- Productive Time by 15%. • Facilitated Sales and Operations with data management and customer support on over ten drilling rigs. • Established business excellence initiatives across the Environmental Solutions function. • Maintained adherence to various environmental, health, and safety (EHS) impacts. • Executed comprehensive analysis in drilling operations to uncover and recommend continuous improvements.

Safwan Petroleum Technologies | May 2018 - Aug 2018

Well Testing Engineer Intern

• Led analysis and planned for three operational initial task risk assessments. • Played an instrumental role in developing & implementing new standard operating procedures. • Ensured 100% workflow alignment between multiple cross-functional teams of over five people.

Safwan Petroleum Technologies | May 2017 - Aug 2017

Well Testing Engineer Intern

• Selected to lead risk assessment procedure and managed five field engineers due to exemplary performance. • A key leader within a high-performance engineering team with four engineers performing testing services on three surface well-testing projects. • Installed complex equipment and systems, including temperature, pressure, and flow rate transmitters, while expanding expertise with related practices.

My Education

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Master in Management in EnergyTulane University - A.B. Freeman School of Business | 2021
Bachelor of Science in Petroleum EngineeringLouisiana State University | 2018

About Me

Mina Hanna

Results-driven, detail-oriented, and analytical Data Analyst with experience in successfully implementing data techniques utilizing programming languages and market research to support business objectives.

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