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Matthew Laye

Matthew Laye


Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine


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Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine | Mar 2022 - Present

Associate Professor of Physiology

Teach physiology to first year OMS-1 and OMS-II students. I help with a clinical rotation focused on finding, reading, interpreting, and applying clinical research.
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The College of Idaho | Aug 2021 - Mar 2022

Associate Professor

Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance. Perform science in humans related to performance, health, and learning. Courses: Research Methods in Kinesiology, Applied Nutrition, Health and Human Wellness, Exercise Physiology, Personal Fitness, Capstone, Cellular Basis of Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology,.



Coaching a small number of ultrarunners in events ranging from sub-ultra trail competitions to multi-day extreme trail events. Everyone from the back of the pack to the podium.

The College of Idaho | Sep 2017 - Mar 2022

Chair of Health and Human Performance Department

Leader of department that has transformed from a PE/kinesiology department to one that focuses on using scientific rigor to improve health and human performance.

The College of Idaho | Aug 2015 - Aug 2021

Assistant Professor


Freelance | Jan 2012 - Present

Writer and Consultant

Bring scientific articles to life for the public. I've written for Ultrarunning Magazine since 2015 and had pieces appear for Levels, Trail Running Magazine, Outside Magazine, and The SMART Runner. Write white papers and consult for companies interested in gaining insight into specific scientific trends or areas such as GU Energy and EAB Supplements. Consult with wearable technology companies on as a content expert in nutrition and health.

Buck Institute for Age Research | Jan 2012 - Aug 2015

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow

Technical expertise includes genetics, molecular biology, mass spec, and medium-throughput screening. Funded by an F32 NIH fellowship. Projects: 1) Found networks of metabolites and differential correlation relationships measured via high sensitivity mass-spec and due to changes in age and diet. 2) Part of a multi-lab study examining the effect of 4 compounds on longevity and various clinical markers in rodents. 3) Used tissue-specific RNA-seq data to create candidate genes list and test for their causality in lifespan extension.

Rigshospitalet | Jun 2009 - Jan 2012

Junior Group Leader and Postdoc Centre for Inflammation and Metabolism

CIM had ~40 researchers. My research group used molecular biology techniques in combination with clinical trials, cohort studies, and the creation and contribution to a biobank of tissues and cells from metabolically phenotyped individuals. Supervised projects using RNA-seq to examine miRNA changes in the plasma in response to exercise, collaborations with pharmaceutical companies wishing to utilize our cells from clinically well- characterized individuals, and testing of adipocyte molecular signature in healthy vs non-healthy obese individuals. My salary and projects were supported by grants I obtained through public and private foundations.

University of Missouri | Sep 2004 - Jun 2009

PhD Student

Completed my PhD in Medical Physiology under Frank Booth. My work had two main focuses. The first was examining the role of adipose tissue physiology in response to inactivity, activity, and obesity in rodent models. Specifically I examined changes in fatty acid metabolism and oxidative capacity. The second focus was a pilot project testing whether epigenetic changes in skeletal muscle (DNA methylation) were altered by physical activity in rodents.

USDA (Western Human Nutrition Research Center) | Jan 2004 - Aug 2004

Exercise Physiologist

Developed data analysis workflows for a variety of physical activity monitors. Interacted with multiple principle investigators and their projects to measure body composition, aerobic capacity, and energy expenditure.

CareerWorkStation | Jul 2000 - Aug 2000

Website Tester

Tested beta version of the CareerWorkStation website for usability and functionality.

My Education

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PhD, Medical PhysiologyUniversity of Missouri-Columbia | 2009
BS with honors, exercise biologyUniversity of California, Davis | 2003

About Me

Matthew Laye

Medical educator upskilling to integrate applied data science in institutional and personal assessment. Also enjoy applying data science to wearable technology data sources to make people more health.

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