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Mohamad Khaled

Mohamad Khaled

AI- & Data Science Consulting Lead

AIT | Switzerland


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Data enthusiast, embracing the beauty of numbers and algorithms.

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Introduction to Python

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AIT: Artificial Intelligence Technology | Jan 2018 - Jul 2024

AI & Data Science Team Lead

As an AI & Data Science Lead, I offer a wealth of expertise in strategizing and executing AI solutions that drive business transformation and innovation. With over a decade of experience across diverse industries, I specialize in developing and implementing advanced AI and data science projects that deliver measurable business value. My services include: - AI Strategy & Execution: Crafting and deploying comprehensive AI strategies tailored to optimize business operations and drive growth. My solutions encompass deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), generative AI, and computer vision. - Data-Driven Business Consulting: Leveraging data analytics to provide actionable insights and support decision-making processes. I specialize in transforming raw data into strategic assets that enhance business performance. - Automation & Cognitive Systems: Designing and implementing automation systems and cognitive technologies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. - Robotics & IoT Engineering: Developing cutting-edge robotics and IoT solutions to automate processes and enhance precision in various industrial applications. - Healthcare AI Innovation: Pioneering AI-driven healthcare solutions that improve diagnostics, patient care, and clinical workflows. My projects have significantly advanced the capabilities of healthcare analytics. - Cyber Intelligence: Implementing robust AI systems for cybersecurity, including threat detection and risk assessment, to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats.
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Master's Double Degree in Information and Data ScienceLucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts University | 2024
Bachelor in AI, Intelligent and automation Systems Medical state university of Yerevan | 2007

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Mohamad Khaled

Computer Scientist & AI Expert

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