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Mohan Gowda T

Mohan Gowda T


SJB Institute of Technology | Bangalore, India


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Introduction to Python

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Baseball and Soccer dataset analysis using numpy

Data Chronicles: An Odyssey of Storytelling

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Understanding Data Science


Introduction to Python


Baseball and Soccer dataset analysis using numpy


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Ethnotech Academic Solutions | Jan 2023 - Jan 2023

Python Developer Intern

Worked on a building a Toolkit Widget which consists of Basic productivity tools like Pomodoro timer, Notepad, Whitepad and QR Code generator for Texts/URLs. It was built on a GUI designed purely using Tkinter module. The whole project was completely built on Python Language.
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Ethnotech Academic Solutions | Oct 2022 - Oct 2022

Front-end Web Design Intern

------------------------------------------------ Certificate - http://verify.ethnotech.in/?search=ETH004210 ------------------------------------------------ Building Responsive Websites of an Hospital management system. This was an Inter-Institutional internship aimed at providing knowledge about web development for students. Project - Hospital Management system. We built a website for an imaginary hospital called unity hospitals with multiple pages like about, appointment, doctors, homepage and contact forms. The website was mainly focused on making it Responsive to all dimensions of devices.

Nettv4u | Sep 2022 - Sep 2022

Content Writer

Writing 100s of Articles for "top 10" stuffs for tech website techyv.com. with most blogs following the theme of tech research articles like "top 10 techstacks for web development" etc..

My Education

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Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Computer Science  · (September 2021 - MaySJB Institute of Technology | 2025
Class 11 - 12, PCMCSadhana PU and Degree College, Bangalore | 2021

About Me

Mohan Gowda T

Aspiring Data Scientist | Competitive Programmer (Cpp) | UIX & Graphics Designer | IEEE Vice Chair | Blogger | Open Source Fanatic

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