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Valeo | Oct 2022 - Jul 2023

Implementation of ADAS on Electric Vehicle Graduation Project Mentorship

As part of the Deep Learning/Computer Vision team in our graduation project titled "Implementation of ADAS features on an Electric Vehicle" my role was centered on the development and optimization of the Lane Keep Assistance System. My responsibilities included: - Developing and training a Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) utilizing semantic segmentation techniques to accurately detect road lanes. This was achieved using cutting-edge framworks, PyTorch and fastai. - Integrating an OAK-D camera into the system to capture real-time road data, which was then processed by the deep learning model for lane detection. - Extracting lane trajectories from the processed data and using a Pure Pursuit controller to calculate the appropriate steering angle for the vehicle. This project sharpened my skills in deep learning and computer vision, and showcased the potential of integrating ADAS features in electric vehicles for safer and more efficient driving experiences.
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Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation EngineeringThe Egyptian Russian University - ERU | 2023

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