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Muhanad Abulhusn

Muhanad Abulhusn


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Associate Data Scientist in Python (previously Data Scientist with Python)

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Case Study: School Budgeting with Machine Learning in Python

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Competition - Dance Party Play List

A highly driven, analytical, and goal-oriented Data Analyst with a strong background in data science, machine learning, and project management. Possesses an expertise in applying Python for social data science, including designing, training, and implementing machine learning models to drive insights. Adept in advanced data wrangling techniques, ensuring data cleanliness and readiness for analysis with proficiency in tools such as pandas and numpy. Knowledgeable of the Middle East's sociopolitical, geopolitical, and historical contexts, complemented by a wide-reaching network in politics, human rights, and media sectors. Capability in documenting, searching, and investigating human rights violations using social media and open-source platforms.

My Work

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Customer Analytics: Preparing Data for Modeling


Hypothesis Testing in Healthcare


Netflix Top 10


Project: Consolidating Employee Data


Analyzing Crimes in LA - Clustering for Predomenant Patterns - End-to-End Project


Classify Song Genres from Audio Data


Sleep Health and Lifestyle


Internet: A Global Phenomenon


My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Data Scientist Associate

Data Scientist Associate

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Obsylatics | Apr 2020 - Present

Chief Data Officer

 Responsible for serving as a senior leader who is tasked with initializing, training, and supervising the data collecting and data entry team to ensure project goal attainment, quality, and operational excellence  Take on roles such as Assistant Researcher, Data Analyst, and Open-Source Investigator which demonstrates strong expertise and knowledge in all aspects of data science  Demonstrate strong technical skills in use of various software and programs, such as Python to fit data models, thus impacting business strategy and allowing for accessible reporting to support key decision-making processes  Perform testing on data models to ensure proper reporting output and to resolve technical concerns through debugging and troubleshooting techniques  Utilize excellent communication skills to build relationships with stakeholders to collaborate and integrate a fusion of their business logic with machine learning techniques  Apply data visualization, descriptive, and statistical techniques for discovery and timely insights, including data exploration, ad-hoc queries, and analysis  Stay current with industry and economic trends to best position self and the team to provide knowledgeable support
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MAYDAY RESCUE - Saving Lives & Strengthening Communities | Oct 2010 - Apr 2019

Senior Data Verification and Catalouging Officer

 Trained and worked in cooperation with Bellincat on open source investigations, geolocating, and investigating  Led a team on open-source research in cooperation with CIJA collating evidences on locations and actors of violations in ex-ISIS territories  Prepared a full methodology and training manual for data analyzing and archiving, leading to accessible guidelines for the team to complete analytics tasks  Served as an assistant researcher on disinformation influencers and propagandists on social media platforms

Self-Employment | Jun 2015 - Sep 2018

Freelance Researcher and Data Analyst

 Assistant researcher with NIOD and Utrecht University related to paramilitary groups in Syria  Assistant researcher with Clingendael, Netherlands Institute of International Relations

Syria Justice and Accountability Centre | Nov 2012 - Oct 2014

Coordinator of Documentation of violations

 Check authenticity and analyzed media materials including accent recognition and geolocate areas of violations  Supervised a team worked on interviewing witnesses and victims of violation and assess their reliability  Tracked perpetrators, witnesses, victims and their families, to ensure their locations are always maintained

Arabtec Construction LLC | Apr 2004 - Jun 2012

Senior Project Coordinator

 Performed as a Project Manager in charge when project manager is absent  Responsible for maintaining involvement in planning and controlling the project’s budget and expenditures  Took actions to deal with the results of delays, bad weather, or emergencies in coordination and confirmation with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, and other professionals

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelor's degree, Business Administration and Management, GeneralChiller International University | 2004
Damascus University

About Me

Muhanad Abulhusn

I'm deeply passionate about data science because it transforms numbers into insights about our world, especially in sociopolitical contexts. For me, it's a bridge to understanding societal patterns and driving impactful governance decisions.

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