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Mohammed Tanweer

Mohammed Tanweer

Business Analyst

Manchester Metropolitan University | Manchester, United Kingdom


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Introduction to Python

Helping Businesses make data-driven decisions to help them achieve the most out of their business through technology.

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Introduction to ChatGPT


Introduction to Python


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Safari Garden Housing Scheme | Jan 2020 - Oct 2023

Business Data Analyst

In a dynamic real estate development environment, served as a proactive Business Data Analyst, driving strategic decision-making through a blend of financial acumen and marketing insights. Key Duties: • Uncovered $1.5 million worth of high-return real estate opportunities via meticulous financial modelling and scenario analysis. • Developed and maintained insightful Power BI dashboards, empowering marketing teams with valuable data for targeted campaigns. • Led the definition, tracking, and reporting of KPIs for digital marketing initiatives, contributing to continuous campaign improvement.
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Safari Garden Housing Scheme | Jan 2018 - Dec 2020

Financial Reporting Analyst

Played a pivotal role as a Financial Reporting Analyst, contributing to the financial health and strategic decision-making of the organization. Key Duties: • Conducted comprehensive financial modelling in Excel, providing valuable insights into budgetary planning and forecasting. • Managed a $10 million portfolio of properties/assets, ensuring accurate and timely preparation of key financial reports for internal and external stakeholders. • Executed complex SQL queries for precise data extraction, streamlining reporting processes and reducing preparation time by 25%.

Safari Garden Housing Scheme | Jan 2012 - Dec 2018

Sales Marketing Manager

Led transformative sales and marketing initiatives, contributing to substantial revenue growth and heightened market presence. Key Duties: • Led a team of 10+ Sales Executives, fostering a collaborative environment, contributing to a consistent 20% YoY sales revenue increase. • Orchestrated successful digital campaigns, achieving a significant. 30% boost in online inquiries and website traffic. • Provided excellent customer service, managing queries, and building strong customer relationships.

Siemens | Jan 2011 - Dec 2012

Commercial Project Manager

Managed critical projects at Siemens, ensuring successful delivery within specified timelines and budgets. Key Duties: • Provided weekly project status reports, meeting deadlines for reporting to senior management and clients. • Effectively communicating between different teams and internal and external stakeholders. • Worked with industry leading clients, built good relationships, and provided excellent customer service.

Casio | Jan 2009 - Dec 2011

Business Administrator

Played a pivotal role in optimising operational standards and efficiency at Casio, contributing to enhanced productivity and cost-effective management. Key Duties: • Cultivated strong relationships with key vendors and suppliers, securing preferential pricing and timely service delivery. • Engaged with cross-functional teams and improved reporting efficiency. • Performed additional administrative duties, ensuring effective business operations.

TalkTalk | Jan 2007 - Dec 2009

Sales Marketing Executive

Excelled in a dynamic sales environment at TalkTalk, consistently meeting and exceeding monthly sales targets with a 30% conversion rate on inbound calls. Key Duties: • Demonstrated excellent communication skills and maintained a professional phone manner. • Established and nurtured customer relationships, profiling for tailored product recommendations. • Achieved weekly and monthly sales targets with in-depth product knowledge.

My Education

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Master's degree, Financial Technology The Manchester Metropolitan University | 2024
BA(Hons) in Business ManagementUniversity of Sunderland | 2009

About Me

Mohammed Tanweer

Expertise in leading teams to improve performance, customer loyalty, and forging partnerships with internal and external partners. Experienced in technology tools used for social media marketing and data analytics.

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