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Maniuryis Peña Azahares

Maniuryis Peña Azahares


Marketing Data Analyst

Wolters Kluwer


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Professional Data Analyst

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Introduction to Python

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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

Data ninja, stealthily extracting insights from complex datasets.

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Topic Identification with Tf-idf

My Certifications

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Professional Data Analyst

Professional Data Analyst

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Data Camp Professional Data Analyst certificate

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Costa Urbana Shopping | Apr 2021 - Present

Marketing Data Analyst

- Exploratory data analysis with Python, Dataiku, and SQL - Design and development of ETL pipelines to integrate data from databases, files, and REST APIs using Dataiku and Python - Design and implementation of a data mart in SQL Server - Leveraging data visualization for marketing and management decision- making using PowerBI and Dataiku - Collaboration with marketers and database administrators to build ad-hoc reports
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TRANSTUR S.A. | Feb 2016 - Aug 2019

Data Analyst (Sales and Quality Department)

• Data Analysis of quality KPIs for car rental services (ISO-9001): >Data extraction, cleansing, transformation, and visualization for reports to top management. > Recovery and implementation MSExcel based information system after one year of neglect. Used advanced MSExcel to create pivot tables, leading to reduced processing time by 50%. > Optimized data collection procedures and generated dashboards and reports on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Proyecto ESPACIOS | Sep 2014 - Jan 2016

Operations Project Manager

• Architectural restoration projects in Old Havana. Major project: Gran Teatro de la Habana Alicia Alonso. • Management +20 projects in 5 Work Objects. • Process redesign and general management of luxury bar-restaurant: > Redesign of management procedures and processes, accounting, marketing, and human resources management. > Increase in profits by 15% > Reduced staff turnover by 25%

Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas | Aug 2009 - Aug 2014

Business Intelligence Advisor.

Head of Office • Marketing and sales strategies design. • Exhibitor at +5 international fairs and events. • Sales offers and cost sheets preparation. • Technology Observatory development.

Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas | Aug 2006 - Jul 2012

Assistant Professor

• Business Administration and E-Commerce teaching for undergraduate and graduate students. • Design and mentoring of 4 R+D projects. Participation and/or supervision of +15 projects and thesis papers. >> FORTeX, Document Management System for FORTES (Center of Technologies for Training) >> Directory of competencies for the FORTES >> Network of researchers of the University of Informatics Science >> ROYSTON, Marketing Planning Support System for FORTES

My Education

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Master's degree in Information ManagementUniversity of Havana | 2012
Bachelor's degree in EconomicsUniversity of Havana | 2006

About Me

Maniuryis Peña Azahares

Data Analyst with 15 years of professional experience and a strong background in business management. Experienced in cleaning, transforming, and visualizing data. Strong proficiency in management, research, and teamwork. DeFi entusiast.

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