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Michael Szczepaniak

Michael Szczepaniak

Data Scientist

Rochester Institute of Technology | Fort Collins, CO


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Analytical pathfinder, leading the way through the data wilderness.

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Introduction to Python

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Peraton | Sep 2017 - May 2023

Data Scientist III

Introduced our group to neural network models. Automated the continuous training and performance evaluation of natural language processing (NLP) relevance classifier model. Conducted extensive feature engineering to add relevant predictor to the model to improve performance. Perform EDAs on our complex business processes in Python jupyter and R notebooks. Identify variables and develop reproducible models (interpretable - such as linear and logistic regression and less-interpretable - such as neural networks) that describe their relationship to key business metrics. Routinely conduct complex data wrangling in SQL, R (dplyr) and Python (pandas) to verify and troubleshoot business logic and reported metrics. Improve the performance of our most computationally-heavy code by either migrating the wrangling from the script-side to SQL or refactoring the script-side code to be more efficient. Coming from a software engineering background, I continually advocate for the use of software engineering best practices for our production BI code-base including modularization, defining solid interfaces, and documentation. Defined our git version control workflow. Provide guidance to other data scientists.
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Master of Science in Data ScienceRochester Institute of Technology | 2024
Bachleor of Science in Computer ScienceColorado State University | 2008

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