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Manabu Inose

Manabu Inose

Software Engineer

Blahfe & Grpr; Next Innovation Inc. | Tokyo


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Next Innovation Inc. | Apr 2020 - Present

Department Manager, Infrastructure Management Services

- Enabled IaC with AWS CDK (1 month, [AWS CloudFormation, Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elasticache, AWS Fargate/Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Amazon EC2, Docker]). Building a deployment flow with manual approval of CircleCI. Implemented Jenkins to synchronize DB and S3. - Improved development flow by value chain analysis. Parallelized multiple PjMs in sprints, and distributed facilitators. - Established cross-organizational support for system-wide failures. Implemented Bugsnag, ScoutAPM, New Relic and AWS CloudWatch Metrics. - Identified issues at 1 on 1 meeting by using career anchors, introduced motivation measures. Separated coaching and teaching, implemented anger control and mindfulness. Team building with Haskell, React and AWS CDK workshops. - Building data analysis infrastructure (6 months, [Amazon Aurora MySQL, Adjust, Amazon Athena, AWS DMS, Amazon Redshift, Reckoner, Google Cloud BigQuery, KARTE, Amazon QuickSight, AWS SSO]). Developed various pipelines for data lakes, DWH, data marts, and BI, and planning and execution. - Threat detection (2 months, [Sumo Logic, Amazon CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, GitHub Security]). SIEM data orchestration implementation. - Threat protection (1 month, [Rack Attack, Bot Control, Core rule set, SQL Database]). Implementation of DDoS, OWASP, and SQL injection countermeasures using AWS WAF, etc. - Account management (1-2 months, [AWS IAM, AWS Organizations, GCP Projects, SendGrid, KARTE]); Policy development for IAM, Organizations, GCP Projects, GitHub Organizations, SendGrid, KARTE. AWS SSO implementation. - Implementing low-code development tools (1 month, [kintone]), formulating kintone operation policy, and building a system for account management flow and application creation flow. - Network maintenance (1 month, [Amazon VPC]). Formulate policies regarding the IPv4 range of the VPC and the 3-layered subnet, and create a system configuration diagram. - Migration of existing systems (2 months, [Amazon VPC, AWS Fargate/Amazon ECS, AWS Codepipeline, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, Secrets Manager]). Separate existing systems into individual AWS accounts per SDLC, create three layers of subnets, maintain resource names, convert sensitive information to Secrets Manager, and migrate IAM users to SSO. - Enhanced monitoring (1 month, [New Relic Logs, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon CloudWatch]). - Established rules on information security (2 month, [guidelines for preventing leaks of information, rules for managing information assets, rules for cooperation in initial response to information leakage incidents, types of personal information, patterns of access to personal information, etc.]). - Develop grand design for zero-trust architecture (3 months, [Status analysis: system configuration diagram, data distribution channels; Issue analysis: BYOD accessibility, shadow IT, security settings not well distributed throughout the company]). Develop a three-year plan for the following measures: IDaaS implementation for authentication integration with each SaaS; MDM implementation for zero-touch deployment; security settings and access control at control points along the data distribution path; network segmentation. - Developed core system (2 months, [systems analysis, resource-based view, organization of ERP implementation path]). Calculation of estimated costs. - Introduced system audits (4 months, [system management standards, project standards, service configuration management]). Establishment of various management regulations. Establishment of evaluation items for information security and information systems based on system management standards. Formulation of guidelines for project management, system development, and operation management. Service configuration management such as basic design documents and detailed design documents for each system. - Set up SOC team (3 months, [SIEM, Response Operations]). Constructed analysis environment for AWS CloudTrail, GuardDuty, Aurora MySQL, Redshift, Google Drive, Google Workspace Login, and GitHub Security audit logs using SumoLogic/SIEM. Created procedures and built a system for various response operations. - Updated compliance-related documents (3 months, [2 guidelines from 3 ministries, ISMS]). JAHIS SDS v4.0 security check based on Guideline for Safety Management of Medical Information Systems v6.0, updated ISO27001:2022, developed AWS User Guide to Regulations & Guidelines. - Established Information System Strategy Committee (6 months, [Service Financial Management, Portfolio Management]). Conducted lectures on EA, implementation of IT-BSC with business analysis based on strategy map/value chain, SCM maturity analysis, IT investment repository management.
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Blahfe & Grpr | Aug 2010 - Present

Business & Software Development

- Implemented Push notification/Windows push notification service (3 months, [Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Go, MySQL, Docker, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS]). - Consolidated authorization processing that is performed when drawing on the Single Page Application side. Also implemented Single sign-on with Azure Active Directory connection (2 months). - Developed bounce mail processing. Enqueued bounce email messages of Amazon SES to SQS via SNS, and managed processing status via workers (a month). - Implemented reporting function of patented product in statistical analysis. Responsible for data set generation job, analysis job linkage, and data visualization (4 months). - Launched new application: selected the tree structure library and the chart library, and then implemented basic authentication and authorization and alert notification. (www.emotion-tech.co.jp/service, 6 months) - Made prototyping of new products with Justinmind to participate in the pitch contest for investors (youtu.be/tOx6YQFq8Mg?t=1400) - Developed and implemented effective web applications to market a new product. Build continuous integration environment, setup end-user authentication with OAuth and asynchronous input/output in polling, and served Rails assets over AWS (utagaki.com). - Planned new markets for the recruitment advertising, researched market trends and segmentation of a job fit and gap, prepared proposals based on data analysis. - Developed and managed fundraising and marketing activities for new business. Prepared medium-term management plan of cash flow forecasts based on partner management consultant advise and past trends, and researched potential funding opportunities. - Fueled additional leads through responsive product launch, setting up SEO to generate leads and funnel pages to collect accounts within first of new product release.

IBI Inc. | Dec 2005 - Aug 2010

Manager, Administration & Planning Division

- Managed process flow visualization with eight people. - Produced and diffused the progressive management system for the company. Broke down the analysis of complex processes into manageable steps to raise business efficiency. Removed short business resources. Implemented KPIs and helped staff working from home to acclimatize to the environment to strengthen collaboration. Reduced work force distribution and cut labor costs by 20%. Unified teams in the administration and planning divisions. - Supported sales goals, developed effective business processes, and compiled market data for the Sales division. Improved the operating environment, implemented new educational programs for employees, built relationships with business partners, and conducted study sessions and brainstorming sessions. - Developed an e-marketplace for scrap car services with three people. - Conducted market research and set goals for income and expenses, generating revenues of ¥10 million per year. - Developed effective sales plans to market a new product.

SB Technology Corp. | Mar 2005 - Dec 2005

Sales Executive

- Developed effective sales plans to market a new product. Distributed the ASP SiteCatalyst to three high-profile companies and generated revenues of ¥60 million per year. - Arranged three seminars with average 20 participants; compiled material, set up conference rooms, followed up with customers and negotiated with business partners, building recognition as a marketing analysis service.

My Education

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Art History, Criticism and ConservationKanazawa College of Art | 2003
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Art History, Criticism and ConservationTama Art University | 2000

About Me

Manabu Inose

At present, I work as an infrastructure engineer for a telemedicine company. Beyond my professional life, I share my home with my wife, a clinical psychologist, fostering a harmonious blend of art and healthcare expertise.

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