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Olha Nahorna

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Quantitative strategist, harnessing the power of data for strategic advantage.

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Participe Amstelland | Sep 2022 - Present

Data and Communication support (Volunteer)

-Provide support for the center's database on a regular basis to keep track of children in the Ukrainian Center and support its activities and events; -Successfully set up communication channels, including meetings, chats, and social media, between stakeholders and refugees for effective interaction
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International kindergarten Leleka | Jul 2021 - Feb 2022

Social Media Manager

Objective: Attract more new students and increase visibility of the school in the local community; -Conducted market research and analysis to identify key trends and opportunities in the local market; -Developed targeted marketing campaigns that resonated with the target audience; -Maintained the school's social media pages by creating and curating engaging conten

RedHead Family Business Corporation | Apr 2010 - Apr 2012

Regional Coordinator

- Worked with different teams to solve various problems for the smooth and efficient operation of the regional stores network - Collaborated with the IT department to identify areas for program improvement and ensure seamless integration with store operations - Worked closely with the Financial department to ensure proper budgeting and matching with the clients' needs - Organized employee tests and meetings with the HR department - Identified weaknesses in the operations and worked with teams to find the most effective solutions - Fostered teamwork and cooperation between departments to ensure the successful operation of the regional stores network. Overall, as an Operations Manager, my role had an impact in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the regional stores network. Through my efforts, I fostered teamwork and cooperation between departments and worked with different teams to identify operational weaknesses and find the most effective solutions. My collaboration with the IT and Financial departments helped to ensure seamless integration and proper budgeting, while my work with the HR department ensured the best talent was recruited and retained.

goods4kids | May 2010 - May 2011

E-commerce Manager for Children's Products

led the operations of an online store that I took under lease. My responsibilities encompassed a diverse range of tasks aimed at optimizing the store's performance and ensuring sustained profitability. Key aspects of my role included: -Developed and executed effective advertising strategies to increase brand visibility and drive traffic to the online store. -Utilized various online platforms and channels for marketing campaigns to attract a wider audience. -Conducted regular analysis of product turnover and market demand to identify trends and opportunities for business growth. -Utilized analytical tools to assess the performance of different product categories and make data-driven decisions. -Sourced and established relationships with new suppliers to diversify the product range and ensure a competitive edge in the market. -Negotiated favorable terms with suppliers to optimize costs and improve profit margins. -Identified gaps in the product offerings and actively sought new items to enhance the store's inventory. -Introduced new product lines and categories based on market trends and customer preferences. -Managed the end-to-end order fulfillment process, ensuring timely processing, packaging, and delivery of products to customers.

Епіцентр К | Jun 2009 - Apr 2010

Order Management Specialist

Played a key role in optimizing the order management process and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. - Analyzed department turnover to identify trends and improve the efficiency of order processing - Communicated with suppliers to ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment - Coordinated with suppliers regarding returns, exchanges, and other related issues - Maintained accurate and up-to-date records of orders and inventory levels - Worked closely with other departments to ensure that orders were processed and delivered on time - Continuously monitored the order management process to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions

Figaro Taxi service | Jun 2006 - Jun 2008

Deputy Director

-Led recruitment efforts to build a skilled and cohesive team. -Conducted comprehensive training programs to empower staff with the necessary skills and knowledge. -Successfully secured tenders for transport services, winning and retaining key corporate clients. -Established and maintained long-term, trust-based relationships with corporate clients. -Identified, recruited, and managed a team of skilled drivers to ensure the provision of high-quality services. -Worked diligently to enhance the overall customer experience and exceed service expectations. -Managed primary accounting functions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with financial regulations. -Implemented cost-effective measures to contribute to the financial health of the organization. -Played a key role in the pre-sales preparation of the business, contributing to successful client engagements. -Facilitated smooth transitions during changes in ownership, ensuring continuity of operations.

Princess World luxury travel service | May 2004 - May 2005

Individual Tours Specialist

As an Individual Tours Specialist at a leading tour operator specializing in customized travel experiences, I played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless and personalized journeys for our clients. The core responsibilities of my position revolved around two key areas: 1. Customized Tour Formation: -Utilized in-depth knowledge of diverse travel destinations, cultural nuances, and logistical considerations to craft bespoke itineraries that exceeded client expectations. -Coordinated with various stakeholders, including transportation providers, tour guides, and activity organizers, to ensure flawless execution of the customized tours. -Demonstrated meticulous attention to detail to guarantee the successful fulfillment of client expectations and satisfaction throughout the entire travel experience. 2. Negotiation and Contract Management: -Conducted negotiations with hotels and accommodation providers worldwide to secure favorable terms and rates for our company. -Developed and maintained strong relationships with hotel representatives to facilitate ongoing collaboration and enhance our portfolio of accommodation options. -Regularly reviewed and updated contractual agreements to adapt to changing business needs and industry trends, aiming for continuous improvement and diversification.

My Education

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Master's degree, International financial management  · (September 2003 - JulyKyiv National Economics University | 2008

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