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Vladimir Nechaev

Vladimir Nechaev


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Data Analyst

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Introduction to Python

Data whisperer, listening closely to the stories hidden within the numbers.

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Spotify Music Data


Course notes: Exploratory Data Analysis in Python


Introduction to Importing Data in Python

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IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

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My Work Experience

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LUMITOS AG | Mar 2022 - Sep 2022

Data Science Intern

During the internship, I became intensively acquainted with the field of Big Data. The subjects of the training were: Concepts: • The main concepts of the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process: such as EDA, data cleaning and normalizing, etc. • Natural language processing (NLP) and text analysis: o Language identification, lemmatization, depreciation, etc. o Topic modeling using Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Python and PySpark • Modeling and predicting: • Building clustering models with Python based on correlation analysis • Developing a web service and pipelines for model implementation, integrating with data manipulation tools Tools: • Talend Open Studio: ETL processes, including building data pipelines and writing customized functions in Java • Jupyter Notebook: performing data analysis and NLP combining Python and SQL, creating visualizations using Python libs, markup documentation using HTML • Databases: manipulating tables using SQL • PyCharm: creating a web service for a prediction model using Flask including a distribution file • GIT • JIRA • Confluence • Excel: data analysis, visualization • PowerPoint Languages: • Python and libraries: pandas, sklearn, NLTK, matplotlib, gensim, etc. • SQL: data definition, manipulation, joins Projects: GENDER IDENTIFICATION Creating a prediction model based on open-source databases using ETL concepts and tools, performing statistical analysis, and integrating the model into Talend with a self-written function. INDUSTRY IDENTIFICATION Creating a model for identifying an industry with the information scrapped from a company's website. Creating a prediction set based on correlation analysis. Designing a web service that receives a URL as an input and outputs a table with the most frequent topics and a possible cluster with a probability range. Integrating the web service into Talend, building pipelines for performing a prediction on large data sets.
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Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Constanta | Dec 2011 - Jul 2018

Vice Consul

including adjustment and automatization of work processes, analysis, and systematization of the data. During my work, I set up a brand-new network within the organization, modernized local data storage facilities, processed vast amounts of data gathered over the past decades, systematized, and archived it. Moreover, I elaborated and constantly refined rules, guidelines, and requirements for proper and safe data processing and storage. Apart from that, I was taking care of operation plans as well as protocol formalities, including the organization of conferences, receptions, and negotiations, and was held responsible for numerous international cultural projects. Finally, I developed and supervised the website and social network accounts, prepared speeches, and mass media articles, as well as translated them orally and in writing. Through my conscientious work I was able to reach the deputy position, gain extensive practical experience and develop immensely my communication, leadership, and organizational skills, successfully managing a team of 10 people. This taught me to make well-weighed decisions quickly, learn rapidly, and be able to carry responsibility.

My Education

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Master's degree, International Big Data ManagementIU International University of Applied Sciences | 2022
Higher National Diploma, International Relations and Social-Political SciencesMoscow State Linguistic University | 2011

About Me

Vladimir Nechaev

Master International Big Data Management Student with a prominent diplomatic background. Passionate about Data Science, currently working on my Master thesis and elaborating a portfolio of my own projects.

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