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Cengage Group | May 2022 - Present

Accounts Receivable Biller and Operations Support

As a professional Accounts Receivable Biller, I track and manage order data using Excel, ensuring data accuracy and completeness. I regularly process and analyze order data to calculate monthly order totals, identifying trends and patterns in customer purchasing behavior. Additionally, I resolve discrepancies to enhance financial accuracy by creating Excel pivot tables and charts that visually represent order processing and closure statistics. Finally, I utilize automation tools like Salesforce to reduce errors, expedite billing cycles, and make data more accessible to team members and management. • Discovered flaw in a 2-year-old standing order after completing order processing reports, preventing an over $5,000 loss in revenue for the company • Summarized productivity metrics using Pivot Tables, producing 8 target goal reports monthly • Decreased turnaround time for analytical reporting of productivity from 40 minutes to just 5 minutes • Customized and created 4 to 5 invoices by using Salesforce and Adobe
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SCORE Mentors | Jul 2021 - Present

Volunteer Client Intake Coordinator

As an experienced Client Intake Coordinator, I leverage technology to streamline intake processes and enhance efficiency. While managing client intake numbers, I ensure accurate data collection and facilitate client-to-mentor assignments. • Calculated statistics on time intelligence measure to get quartiles for box plot visualization, identifying key performance metrics for over 30 employees • Used Excel to compile and manipulate 100,000+ records of client data into an accessible, easy-to-manage database • Wrangled data using SQL to create data models for visualization in Tableau • Developed and shared 5 to 15 charts with stakeholders, revealing key performance indicators across roles • Implemented data cleaning and Pivot Tables to make formatting consistent in summaries, and applied Excel's VLOOKUP function to retrieve specific metrics from over 10,000 records

University of Michigan-Dearborn | Jan 2019 - Apr 2020

Digital Media Laboratory Assistant

As a Digital Media Lab Assistant, I leveraged my passion for technology tools and research to enhance learning experiences. This effort facilitated effective instructions for students learning languages. By providing support to instructors, students, and researchers, I optimized educational processes. • Used Google Sheets to clean 10+ datasets, providing data integrity and validating the metadata, making the media accessible for students a faculty • Assisted in managing the German Movies database, which helped locate files to later communicate concepts in the German language, supporting the success of 2+ students in completing German 101 • Provided support for students by testing and defining intranet and lab services, ensuring software and services supported a positive learning experience

The Henry Ford | Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

Human Resources Summer Intern

As an intern in Human Resources, I assisted the HR team with various initiatives to enhance HR processes and drive strategic decision-making. Throughout my internship, I contributed to HR functions, including talent development, pension calculation, job sourcing, employee relations, and HR policy development. Additionally, I utilized software systems to track employee records and streamline administrative processes, resulting in improved efficiency and data accuracy. • Performed data manipulation on employee training data and created 20+ visualizations of key performance indicators, which identified employee growth opportunities • Decreased key performance indicator report output time by 46%, making reports quicker to access • Conducted digital migration of 100+ employee records into Excel • Updated employee database, in Excel HRIS, saving two weeks time on the project milestone deadline • Assisted with the processing and calculation of 15+ employee pensions

University of Michigan-Dearborn | Feb 2018 - Jan 2019

Career Fair Event Associate

plan that executed successful events. Having assisted in the coordination of event management, I utilized novel promotion strategies to enhance attendee experiences and drive positive outcomes. • Promoted career service events through word-of-mouth and promotions, at the school and in the surrounding area • Recorded the name, email, and social media of 100+ participants attending the event for the university Communicated accurate information so that students can be well-informed about services • Informed and directed the target audience to the talent acquisition team and managed the presentation of career event hard-copy promotions

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Bachelor of Arts - BA, Psychology, Business StrategyUniversity of Michigan | 2020
Associate of Arts and Sciences - AAS, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support ServicesITT Technical Institute | 2016

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