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Lucas Neves Simoes

Lucas Neves Simoes

Web Developer


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Data Analyst

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The GitHub History of the Scala Language

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Introduction to Python

Data enthusiast, turning information into intelligence with a smile.

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The GitHub History of the Scala Language


Data Manipulation with pandas

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Isograd Tosa Python 3, Score 970/1000

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The Student Wallet | Dec 2022 - Present


The Student Wallet (TSW) was created to help people financially, especially students, but not only. Indeed, many people don't have enough financial education, whereas it has huge importance. Financial knowledge is a required skill to achieve people's goals whatever they are, and TSW is there to help.
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AFEV | Sep 2022 - Present


Our mission as ambassadors within the association is to fight inequality to access education among students. Many are the factors affecting the success of a student, such as his/her home environment and the parents' financial possibilities to afford private classes if needed. That is why I provide 2 hours every week to a student to assist emotional and educational-wise through tutoring.

Boutique Hotel Maastricht | Aug 2021 - Oct 2022

Banqueting assistant

Performed various tasks such as stock management, customer service, receptionist, translator. This experience allowed me to improve my communication skills towards demanding clients considering it was a 4 stars hotel. It was also interesting to be able to work in different parts of the department enabling a broader view of how the business actually works.

Thuisbezorgd.nl | Jul 2021 - Sep 2021


This working experience was great to get to know the city very fast, make some acquaintances and improve my health condition through cycling while generating income.

Amnesty International | Sep 2019 - Jul 2021

Amnesty Youth Ambassador

The main goal of the organization was to raise awareness of human rights infractions and threats. We talked about various subjects such as disarmament or death penalty with other students, and took action by making people sign petitions for important causes. As President of this club, I intended to show others ways to act against inequalities and injustice in the world at their own scale.

RUN ECO TEAM | Sep 2018 - Present


Our goal is to raise citizens' awareness on sustainable development by bringing together sport practice and protection of the environment. In a small group of people, we run and pick up garbage left on the streets in order to make people understand their moral duty of throwing garbage in the bin. Indeed, too many leave their garbage in the streets, thus impacting the environment and the welfare of their fellow citizens.

My Education

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Baccalauréat Français International - American Section in Economics and Social Sciences, MathematicsLycée International de l'Est Parisien | 2021

About Me

Lucas Neves Simoes

Highly Motivated and Curious Professional Dedicated to Productivity and Positive Impact.

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