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Nicole Wang

Nicole Wang

Senior Data Analyst

Alibaba Group


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Loan Data

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Alibaba Group | Apr 2019 - Present

Data Analyst

• Identify business KPIs and build dashboard for evaluating business performance, tracking business trends and deliver weekly/monthly insights report to support product optimization and business decision making. • Perform cohort analysis to measure customer activation and retention rate and support product team finding possible factors impact churn to improve customer retention. • Analyze and find customer interests on different digital marketing products based on customer behavioral and product purchase data, then create segments to support product sales on marketing platform. • Create comprehensive business report for every sales promotion event including tracking metrices (website views, users, GMV etc.) and performing decomposition analysis (including industry, sellers’ rate, items’ rate etc.) and comparison with past years’ event performance. • Create data visualization dashboard to reflect customers’ marketing campaign performance and establish rating system for all campaigns to help service team finding issues and solutions for customers more efficiently.
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The Home Depot Canada | May 2018 - Mar 2019

Sr Analyst, Digital Marketing

• Design audience targeting strategy based on different statistical models including customer segmentation, customer acquisition, customer retention with CRM and create audience in Google Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager and other platforms to support programmatic display, email marketing campaigns. • Collaborate with CRM, ecommerce and retail marketing on customer acquisition initiatives, email strategy, and targeting to ensure cross-channel alignment, optimal consumer experience and drive sales growth. • Develop analysis for online order and article level profitability, provide insights of omni-channel marketing campaign effectiveness, and ensure maximum benefit for eCommerce business. • Aggregate operational level data from various sources and execute on the data-driven requests supporting different business needs for online marketing, web operations and digital content teams. • Design and create multi-channel attribution model to evaluate campaign success and effectiveness for all digital marketing channel including paid search, display, social etc. • Implement rigid data governance and data quality guidelines to ensure the best in class analytics key components across different silos including key metrics hygiene, campaign hygiene, orders hygiene, tracking hygiene etc.

StackPros Inc. | Jun 2014 - May 2018

Lead of Data Analytics Team

• Perform exploratory data analysis to identify patterns from historical data, generate and test hypotheses, and provide product owners with actionable insights. • Create and apply one-off tailored solutions for data wrangling as well as development of semi-automated and automated ETL and database solutions. • Lead team to build and optimize a machine learning model based on user online journey history and creating scoring system to predict the likelihood of online users converting to clients • Explain the modeling process and results to clients in a non-technical way as well as direct model development with the team. • Collaborate with Strategy and Analytics to identify data streams that represent business relevant differences between audience types, and outline how data can be used to help remove friction from Researched and analyzed model validation and sensitivity testing • Work with clients and data engineers to determine the best solution of data pipeline design and select proper cloud products/services for different reporting automation projects. • Send API reporting service requests to different marketing platforms such as DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook etc. and get raw data. • Clean, ingest raw data and store them in cloud storage (AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage etc.) as well as different databases (AWS Redshift, Cloud SQL, Google Big Query etc.) • Work closely with analytics team in order to fully understand every ETL process then translate the knowledge into SQL query and implement it into automation program.

My Education

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Bachelor of Science (BSc), Economics and StatisticsUniversity of Toronto | 2014

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