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Nicola Gambardella

Nicola Gambardella


University of Padua


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My New Course

Intermediate SQL Queries

My New Course

Unsupervised Learning in Python

My New Project

The Android App Market on Google Play

Bioinformatic, looking for inter-disciplinary methods to apply for my work

My Work

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Introduction to Python


RDocumentation: glm


Intermediate Python

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My Education

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Master in BioinformaticsUniversity of Padua | 2023
Bachelor in Molecular BiologyUniversity of Padua | 2021

About Me

Nicola Gambardella

Hi everyone! I am currently studying bioinformatics at University of Padua and I am improving my coding skills in R and Python to acquire a deeper knowledge in those 2 programming languages. I am looking forward to work as Data Scientist!

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