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Nicolas Ivan Prandoni

Nicolas Ivan Prandoni




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Introduction to R


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My Work Experience

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National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development - (INIDEP) | Sep 2017 - Present

Research Scientist

Scientific Researcher who works in squid fisheries management. Our research team works mainly with data from commercial squid fisheries, fishery observers and data from research campaigns aboard INIDEP research vessels. We are also working on various research projects on the identification of different squid stocks, impacts on squid populations (such as overfishing, seismic surveys and climate change) and the creation of marine protected areas on the Argentine continental shelf.
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Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas | Apr 2016 - Jul 2017

Research Scientist

Research, Ecology, Marine Biology, Habitat Modelling, database analyses, spatial ecology: Working in a project on Seabird´s Ecology and habitat selection (species: Imperial cormorants - Pahalcrocorax atriceps). Exploring inter-annual changes in foraging parameters and home range areas among individuals of a same reproductive colony over several successive breeding seasons. Also studying if changes in foraging parameters are reflected in modifications in the breeding success and general status of the colony. The work involves processing data from GPS transmitters; analizing those data (with the statistical software R) in form of foraging parameters and producing maps reflecting Imperial cormorant´s potential foraging areas at sea. Aditionally, I have participated in field work within the working group not only with Imperial Cormorants but with other marine species such as Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) and Southern Elephant Seals (Miorunga leonina) http://www.leptomar.org/esp/index.html

University of Plymouth | Sep 2014 - Nov 2015

MRes Marine Biology

Masters on Research Marine Biology

Spanish Council for Scientific Research | Feb 2011 - Jul 2011

Microbiological Laboratory Internship

Developed a research project in the department of Environmental Microbiology; my main duties involved use of techniques based on molecular genetics, microbiology and cell culture.

ALKEMI, S.A. | Jul 2010 - Oct 2010

Microbiology Technician

Microbiological analysis of drinking water, wastewater, food, pharmaceuticals and animal feed.

My Education

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Especialización, Pesquerías Marinas - Marine FisheriesUniversidad Nacional de Mar del Plata | 2021
MRes Marine Biology, Marine Biology and EcologyUniversity of Plymouth | 2015
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Biological Sciences, Biotecnology, Microbiology, Celular Biology, GeneticsUniversidad Complutense de Madrid | 2011

About Me

Nicolas Ivan Prandoni

Currently working in research on Cephalopods' fisheries as a part of a research group at the Argentine National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP, Mar del Plata, Argentina). I use to do some datascience with the fishery data.

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