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Pouria Nozari Porshokouhi

Pouria Nozari Porshokouhi


AI Researcher & Data Scientist

University of Southern California


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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office


Data Scientist Associate


GPU-Accelerated Data Analytics for Infection Data using RAPIDS

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University of Southern California | Aug 2017 - Jul 2023

Graduate Research Assistant

• Coordinate and host Computational Motor Control & Learning Journal Club for weekly meetings on paper discussions within the division. • Conducting Ph.D. Thesis on Utilizing Principles of Optimality to Understand Human Locomotor Control and Learning. • Implemented simulations of inverse optimal control on models of walking to perform objective inference and understand the mechanisms underlying natural gait behavior. • Resolved the feature redundancy in human locomotor objective functional for the inverse optimal control problem via supervised and unsupervised dimensionality reduction algorithms, e.g., sPCR and sPLS with still 95% variance accounted for. • Predicted trends of spatiotemporal features in both normal and adaptive walking through performing energy-optimal predictive simulations of walking on regular and split-belt treadmill, respectively, using constrained optimizations. • Developed robotic models of an anthropomorphic biped and elastic contact for walking on treadmill in MATLAB Simulink achieving double-stance representing a realistic gait. • Reduced the search space in optimal control of human walking at least by a factor of 50 using human-inspired pattern generators modeled via dynamical movement primitives.
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Goldman Sachs | Jun 2022 - Aug 2022

Summer Associate - Risk Economic Strategist

• Conducted a data analytical and quantitative modeling project on "Inference of Macroeconomics Impacting Retail Portfolios and its Application in Personal Loan Loss Forecasting". • Studied different measures and methods of econometrics for modeling risk in retail. • Utilized dierent visualization tools in Plotly Express, Seaborn, and matplotlib to represent dierent factors in curves of credit delinquency rates in credit card portfolio. • Implemented and solved an un-identifiable Age-Period-Cohort (APC) model using regularized regression in explaining early delinquency roll rates in credit card data. • Filtered the exogenous (Macro-driven) shocks to the credit card portfolio obtaining 97% determination for delinquency, where 56% of variance was explained by exogenous factors. • Inferred the derived exogenous shocks through Macroeconomic timeseries modeling and feature selection with Autoregressive Distributed Lead/Lag. • Explained 65% of the variance in credit card exogenous shocks and generalized to consumer loan loss forecast shocks with R2 of 45%.

Sharif University of Technology | Jan 2013 - May 2017

Research And Teaching Assistant

1) Research Assistant, Djawad Mowafaghian Rehabilitation Center (Aug. 2014 – May. 2017): • Conducted Master’s thesis research on Development of a quantitative energy index to evaluate arm reaching deficits in neuro-impaired population. • Achieved an explanatory power of 82% for clinical assessment (Bruunstrom test) scores of arm reaching in individuals with hemiplegia through the developed energy index. • Obtained mechanical energy consumption of reaching in individuals through use of the model and inverse kinematics and dynamics on the behavioral data. • Resolved the redundancy in arm by developing a 4-DOF robotic model of arm in OpenSim. • Administered arm reaching experiments and collected motion data through Kinect motion capture and EMG data for the purpose of kinetic and kinematic analysis. ============== 2) Laboratory Assistant, Dynamic & Vibration Laboratory (Aug. 2016 – May. 2017): • Assisted the instructor with preparing weekly course materials and agenda for the sessions over Fall’16 and Spring’17 semesters. • Presented fundamentals of Dynamics and Vibration to classes of 20 students from Mechanical Engineering and supervised them in running hands-on experiments. ============= 3) Teaching Assistant, Statics in Mechanics, Prof. M. Hoviattalab (Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2016): • Held weekly sessions on Statics in Mechanics course for a class of 20 to assist them with problem-solving over Spring’16 and Fall’16. • Designed exam problems and evaluated the students with bi-weekly pop quizzes. ============= 4) Teaching Assistant, Machine Element Design, Prof. Behzadipour (Jan. 2013 – May. 2013): • Held bi-weekly sessions to review machine element design procedures for a class of 40. • Designed, explained and graded four projects on shaft & bearings, gearbox & power transmission, bolted connections, springs and clutches & brakes.

Human & Robot Interaction Lab (TaarLab) at University of Tehran | Nov 2014 - Mar 2016

Research Assistant

• Led a team in various projects related to motion planning of parallel robots including 3-RRR and other parallel robots. • Designed and developed a novel reconfigurable parallel robot (Taar RPM) composed of mobile robots and aerial links to facilitate dexterous motions of the end-effector in all rotational and translational degrees of freedom. • Achieved successful collision free navigation of the Taar RPM through use of artificial potential fields for path planning.

My Education

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Southern California | 2023
Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering - Applied DesignSharif University of Technology | 2016
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mechanical EngineeringSharif University of Technology | 2014

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Pouria Nozari Porshokouhi

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