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Sahil Nanda

Sahil Nanda

Data Driven Problem Solver

State University of New York | United States


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Visualizing COVID-19

My New Project

Analyze International Debt Statistics

My New Project

Analyzing Industry Carbon Emissions

Quantitative storyteller, captivating audiences with tales of data analysis.

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Visualizing COVID-19


Project: When Was the Golden Era of Video Games?


Project: Analyzing Industry Carbon Emissions


Project: Producing Soccer Insights for a Sports Media Agency


Project: Analyze International Debt Statistics


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Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center | Jun 2023 - Dec 2023


Experience: Cell and Gene Manufacturing - Financial Analytics, Business Intelligence and Strategy Problem Addressed: Operational Efficiency, Pricing Strategy, and Financial Planning Summary: - Orchestrated the design and maintenance of finance and operations KPI dashboards using Power BI, leading to improved business performance within a cell and gene manufacturing facility. - Implemented Python automation to streamline routine data preprocessing tasks, resulting in an estimated 3 hours of saved manual work per week, enhancing operational efficiency. - Conducted market research, competitive analysis, and industry trend analysis to craft a robust pricing and SKU packaging strategy for a $98 million cell and gene production facility, ultimately increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by 15%.
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University at Buffalo | Dec 2022 - May 2023

Research Assistant

Experience: Fintech - Mortgage Lending Technology and Business Intelligence Problem Addressed: Enhancing Business Intelligence and Process Efficiency Summary: - Leveraged extensive data analysis on a decade's worth of US mortgage origination data within a fintech environment, uncovering trends and extracting valuable insights for informed product development. - Implemented R automation to streamline routine data preprocessing tasks, resulting in significant time savings of approximately 2 hours per week, thereby optimizing operational efficiency. - Developed 5 visually compelling storyboards that served as powerful Business Intelligence tools, aiding clients in understanding and refining their mortgage mix, with a dedicated focus on promoting fair lending practices.

Better.com | Aug 2021 - May 2022

Manager - Business Operations

Experience: Digital Mortgage Lender and Real Estate Operations Management Problem Addressed: Operations Optimization and Business Intelligence Summary: - Headed a team of 20 analysts in the management and optimization of end-to-end operations for US real estate transactions totaling $85 million. - Constructed over 5 KPI dashboards using SQL and Tableau, facilitating efficient data retrieval and the generation of insightful business intelligence reports for stakeholders in the US and India. - Conducted in-depth analysis of business results, KPIs, and trends, compiling Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) for leadership with recommendations for process improvements. - Spearheaded a project to establish a central Quality Assurance (QA) and performance management team, resulting in a significant 25% increase in the productivity of over 500 analysts.

OYO | Aug 2019 - Jul 2021

Manager - Business Operations and Development

Experience: Two-Way Marketplace Business Growth and Optimization Problem Addressed: Revenue Growth, Portfolio Optimization, and Market Expansion Summary: - Led a team of 10 to implement a sustainable business growth strategy, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase in revenue, reaching $2 million ARR for a two-way marketplace similar to Airbnb. - Applied predictive modeling techniques in Python to strategically cluster the portfolio, contributing to a 15% increase in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). - Conducted a comprehensive SWOT analysis, devised competitor monitoring strategies, and implemented product and pricing adjustments, leading to a 15% increase in market share. - Improved the Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV/CAC) ratio by 45% through data analysis and collaborative Capex optimization. - Collaborated with the product and strategy teams to launch the OYO Partner tech stack, resulting in a substantial 30% boost in Accounts Receivable turnover.

BYJU'S - The Learning App | Nov 2017 - Aug 2019

Senior Associate

Experience: Education Technology Company Analytics and Strategy Problem Addressed: Enhancing Marketing Campaign Effectiveness and Sales Productivity Summary: - Collaborated cross-functionally to build over 5 KPI dashboards utilizing SQL and Tableau, providing crucial insights for decision-making. - Led the tracking, reporting, and ROI analysis of inorganic marketing campaigns, resulting in a segment worth $5 million with a remarkable 30% higher ARPU and 50% higher conversion rate. - Worked closely with senior sales and operational leaders to develop and implement metrics, strategies, and performance evaluation processes, contributing to a significant 25% improvement in sales team productivity.

The Hamlet | Jul 2016 - Aug 2017


Experience: Real Estate Company GTM Strategy Problem Addressed: Improved Marketing Effectiveness and Sales Conversion Summary: - Implemented a data-driven digital marketing campaign, resulting in a substantial 50% increase in website traffic and a 20% boost in lead generation. - Through strategic optimization of the lead lifecycle funnel, achieved a remarkable 30% improvement in sales conversion, leading to a substantial revenue increase of $250,000.

My Education

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Master of Science - MS in Finance/Fintech TrackState University of New York, Buffalo | 2024
Bachelor of Technology in Civil EngineeringBharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune | 2016

About Me

Sahil Nanda

I’m an intellectually curious and lifelong learner with 7+ years of experience in the fin-tech, biotech, ed-tech, and travel-tech sectors.

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