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Aaron Keating

Aaron Keating

Director of Psychological Health

US Air Force


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BetterHelp.com | Jan 2021 - Apr 2021


I've had the privilege of providing psychotherapy to a wide-ranging clientele, spanning children, adolescents, and adults, with each individual bringing unique conditions and backgrounds to the table. Leveraging various mediums such as audio, video, and synchronous text, I've tailored my approach to ensure effective communication and meaningful progress in therapy sessions. My commitment to fostering well-being is underscored by the consistent allocation of 10-15 hours per week to delivering dedicated care. Within these hours, I skillfully apply behavioral and cognitive therapeutic techniques, working diligently to empower my clients and facilitate their journey toward positive change and personal growth.
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United States Air Force | Sep 2020 - Present

Director of Psychological Health

I specialize in data-driven transformation within high-stakes environments. By analyzing health and performance metrics, I've empowered commanders with actionable insights, driving improved outcomes. I've innovated population- based interventions, enhancing cognitive abilities for those safeguarding nuclear weaponry. My expertise extends to psychological suitability assessments, ensuring top- tier personnel for nuclear operations. Acknowledged as Officer of the Year and a six-time Officer of the Quarter, my leadership exemplifies dedication and excellence. I've delivered evidence-based interventions to Air Force members in security and nuclear roles, and developed impactful group programs, while mentoring and supervising a diverse team. My repertoire includes comprehensive neuropsychological assessments, pivotal for treatment post-injury and assessments for duty status. With a record of achievements, I continue shaping positive impact in demanding contexts.

United States Air Force | Jul 2019 - Aug 2020

Clinical Psychology Resident

I've accrued 2,000 supervised clinical hours across diverse specialties during an APA-accredited internship, showcasing adeptness in Clinical Health Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, and more. This extensive experience also encompasses fitness-for-duty evaluations, attesting to my holistic proficiency. Amid the pandemic, I seamlessly transitioned to teletherapy and played a pivotal role in upholding the Basic Military Training pipeline. My adaptability ensured uninterrupted service delivery. Furthermore, my contributions to health behaviors research, particularly in nicotine and alcohol prevention programs, are underscored by a compelling presentation of results. I hold the Air Force credential in clinical biofeedback application after completing rigorous training and supervised experience. My expertise extends to specialized assessments for crucial military roles, and my leadership in alcohol and tobacco research resulted in an impressive 100% reduction in alcohol-related incidents within just six months. My track record speaks volumes about my commitment to excellence and impactful change.

Between Friends | Aug 2018 - Jun 2019

A Night Out/Volunteer Coordinator

I managed the "A Night Out" program within a company dedicated to domestic violence support. By directly engaging survivors in planned events, I facilitated healing outside clinical contexts. Collaborating with clinical experts, I designed events that complemented individual counseling, effectively combating feelings of isolation often experienced by survivors. This effort was underscored by my successful implementation of outcome measures, validating the positive impact of these events on mood enhancement. In my capacity, I organized and led monthly therapeutic gatherings, catering to approximately 30 survivors of domestic violence per event. These carefully crafted sessions provided a healing and supportive atmosphere beyond clinical confines. I also extended assistance to survivors through a local domestic violence crisis line, offering immediate guidance during critical moments.

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center | Jul 2017 - Jun 2019

Psychology Extern

evidence-based behavioral and cognitive therapies to a diverse population encompassing varied pathologies and ethnic backgrounds. Under rigorous supervision, I honed my expertise in delivering effective treatment. My specialization in Integrated Behavioral Health within the Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic spanned two years, during which I conducted supervised behavioral medicine, crisis interventions, intake interviews, and therapy for perinatal patients. I represented Behavioral Health Services on the Perinatal Loss Committee, playing a pivotal role in developing, disseminating, and implementing policies. I also initiated a supportive parent group to aid those coping with loss. I spearheaded the development of the OB/GYN clinic's inaugural interdisciplinary gestational diabetes treatment program, seamlessly integrating nursing and behavioral medicine to enhance patient care. My multifaceted skill set extended to working with children and adolescents, providing individual and family therapy for neurodevelopmental and emotional disorders, underlining my versatility and commitment to comprehensive care.

Argosy University | Sep 2015 - Jan 2019

Graduate Assistant

In a dedicated effort to enhance university retention rates, I conducted comprehensive research and data analysis focused on student retention. My role involved an in-depth review of existing literature and close collaboration with department heads to pinpoint opportunities for improvement within the student life cycle. During a period of decreased student retention, I meticulously analyzed factors contributing to student attrition and presented pivotal findings to the administration. This collaborative effort yielded remarkable results, with a 20% increase in student retention rates, showcasing my ability to drive positive change and contribute to institutional success. Furthermore, I played a pivotal role in school administration, meticulously organizing and analyzing student and faculty data. This effort proved crucial in facilitating the APA annual accreditation review process, underscoring my commitment to maintaining rigorous academic standards and ensuring ongoing excellence. Moreover, I enriched the academic landscape by contributing to the editing of chapters for The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Human Rights, a remarkable endeavor that culminated in the prestigious Ursua Gielen Psychology Book award. My multifaceted contributions highlight a deep-rooted dedication to fostering a thriving educational environment and elevating scholarly achievements.

Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus | Sep 2016 - Dec 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistant

I made significant contributions to graduate-level clinical psychology education by assisting in teaching Health and Human Dysfunction I and multiple sections of Personality Assessment courses. In Health and Human Dysfunction I, I guided students in understanding psychopathology using the DSM-5 framework, while in Personality Assessment, I introduced them to psychometrics and various diagnostic tools like MMPI-2, PAI, MCMI, Rorschach, TAT, and projective drawings. Through weekly classes and lab sessions, I imparted practical skills in administering, scoring, and interpreting assessments, enhancing students' diagnostic acumen. I extended my commitment to teaching by providing substantial support for Health and Human Dysfunction I and Personality Assessment courses. For two semesters, I engaged in teaching, paper feedback, and personalized one- on-one tutoring, contributing to students' comprehensive learning experience. This dedicated approach underscores my passion for nurturing emerging psychologists and facilitating their growth in clinical psychology.

Behavioral Medicine Associates | Aug 2016 - Jun 2017

Psychology Extern

I've completed an extensive 900 hours of supervised clinical work in diagnostics, with a focus on delivering 356 direct service assessment hours. My proficiency lies in conducting, scoring, and interpreting cognitive tests and neuropsychological batteries, alongside generating comprehensive assessment reports. This role involved providing insightful feedback to individuals and families, averaging six assessments weekly. Within the realm of neurodevelopmental disorders, I specialized in conducting standardized assessments for conditions like ADHD, Autism, and Intellectual Disability in children and adolescents. I also contributed to disability evaluations for the state of Illinois. In addition, I skillfully facilitated a weekly therapy group for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, nurturing an environment conducive to growth. My cognitive testing and neuropsychological assessments served as vital cornerstones for treatment planning and disability determinations, underscoring my dedication to driving individual care and broader well-being.

US Army | Dec 2012 - Aug 2015


At the core of my responsibilities was training new Army recruits in the Tactical Human Intelligence course, encompassing instruction, practical exercises, and performance-based testing. My contributions extended beyond the classroom, as I developed and fine-tuned course materials, and personally mentored groups of 30-40 students, ensuring their successful completion. My exceptional commitment led to the coveted Basic, Senior, and Master Instructor Badges, distinguishing me as a paragon of instructional excellence. I also played a pivotal role in shaping a high-performing instructional team, formally coaching three instructors and informally mentoring a group of six. Furthermore, I championed diversity and inclusivity as the detachment's Equal Opportunity Leader, fostering cultural awareness and appreciation while promoting equal opportunity in the workplace. My innovative approach was evident in leveraging social modeling research, resulting in a notable 25% trainee success increase, and pioneering gamification research, which yielded an impressive 75% enhancement in student performance. These accomplishments underscore my unwavering dedication to elevating both education and organizational effectiveness.

US Army | Dec 2006 - Nov 2012

Human Intelligence Collector

I expertly mentored, coached, and trained a dynamic team of 25 employees, catalyzing their growth while enhancing their capabilities. Through a pioneering training and testing program, I identified strengths and mitigated weaknesses, leveraging gamification to elevate skills competency by an impressive 75%. During my tenure as an intelligence analysis section manager at Ft. Carson, CO, I harnessed cutting-edge data analysis techniques to support operations in Afghanistan. My innovative approach led to the design and dissemination of sophisticated intelligence products, empowering over 10 teams with actionable insights. I meticulously coordinated and executed vulnerability assessments for Fort Carson's high-risk establishments, effectively bolstering security measures. With seasoned operations management expertise spanning over 10 teams, I adeptly managed a high volume of daily reports, showcasing precision and efficiency in data handling. My strategic involvement extended to consultation for interviews and interrogations, ensuring ethical and safe practices while achieving impeccable results. With over 800 suspects interviewed and interrogated, my efforts significantly contributed to operational success during my service in Baghdad, Iraq. Presently, as a data scientist, I continue to apply my analytical acumen to drive impactful insights and decisions.

US Army | Jun 2004 - Nov 2006

Ground Surveillance Systems Operator

I successfully executed intricate surveillance operations across diverse terrains, including both rural and urban settings in Baghdad and Northern Iraq. On the Syrian border, my surveillance efforts were pivotal in identifying and apprehending smugglers attempting to traffic drugs, humans, and weapons into Iraq. I took the lead in training the Iraqi Border Patrol in effective border surveillance techniques, as well as equipping the Iraqi Army with vital skills in urban patrolling. In the urban landscape of Sinjar, Iraq, I played a decisive role in counterattack operations by conducting strategic surveillance. My efforts led to the discovery and neutralization of enemy operations, effectively bolstering security. Furthermore, I provided essential support to a tank/scout troop during five city- wide searches, culminating in the successful seizure of numerous weapons caches. These diverse surveillance experiences underline my expertise in strategic planning, field execution, and contributions to safeguarding critical operations.

My Education

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Clinical PsychologyNational Louis University | 2020
Master of Arts - MA, Clinical PsychologyIllinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus | 2019
Associate's Degree (incomplete), Intelligence Operations StudiesCochise College | 2015
Bachelor's Degree, PsychologyAmerican Military University | 2014
None, Criminal Investigations, No DegreePikes Peak Community College | 2007

About Me

Aaron Keating

I am an experienced psychologist with 5 years of experience with consultation and over 10 years of research experience. I am passionate about the interplay between psychological sciences and data science, specifically with regards to AI and ML.

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