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Data Analyst Professional


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Data Analyst Professional

Data Analyst Professional

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Nitro Data | Jan 2024 - Present

CEO and Founder, consultant | GenAI | Analytics | Big Data | Data Coach | Data & Analytics Strategy

Spearheaded the development of advanced AI and ML solutions leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and Dockerization for scalable deployment, enhancing corporate information systems through data embeddings. Proficient in front-end development using Streamlit, crafting intuitive UIs for data-driven applications, and Flask for creating RESTful APIs, ensuring seamless backend integration. Championed MLOps practices across the project lifecycle, utilizing Python, Bash, Vertex AI, and OpenAI APIs for robust development and deployment of AI models, including Pinecone for Vector DB management and Vertex AI models like Gemini. Developed and iteratively improved a PESTLE analysis MVP, aligning product development with market and sales fit stages, demonstrating agility in product iteration and market response. Innovated an HR assistant solution, adaptable across industries, founded on the same cutting-edge frameworks, showcasing versatility in solution development and industry application.
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L'Oréal | Mar 2023 - Jan 2024

Regional Head of Data and Analytics Program, Digital Transformation

Analytics Strategy, Data and Analytics Solutions and Products Portfolio Management, Analytics Governance Policies, Change Management Strategy, Participation in Executive Board, ML-DS People Management, Data Literacy Strategy. Tools and Skills: GenAI, ML, Visualization, Process Automation, Python, Data Science, Design Thinking, Storytelling, Project Mgmt, GCP, Streamlit, MLOPs, CX management.

The Coca-Cola Company | Jul 2021 - Mar 2023

Regional Director, Digital Solutions: Data and Analytics, Digital Transformation

• Lead Latam's Digital, Data and Analytics Transformation Coucil. Council comprised of Marketing, Operations, Finance, and all leading stakeholders managing the transformation agenda for growth. • Outperformed all objectives in terms of productive Latam's scaled and impactful solutions developed in less than 6 months. • Led multifunctional teams in the process of designing and developing MVPs, scaled solutions and applying change management. • Led direct involvement of external Consulting and Digital agencies to implement digital and analytics solutions across latam with Bottlers and Franchise Leaders. • Developed integrated digital solutions roadmap and aligned with Leadership teams and Engineering to assess use cases and to execute on time. • Acted successfully as an Analytics, UX, Innovation and AI internal consultant to develop successful projects across Latam. • Successfully worked with Business and technical stakeholders to develop an impactul roadmap and implementation. • Guided Stakeholders though methodologies such as Design Thinking, UX Design, Product Design, Data Science and CRISP-DM to design and implement state of the art and valuable solutions. • Designed and operationalized Analytics DevOps in less than 4 months. Previously, no process existed. • Integrated and executed regional communication plan to increase solutions adoption from 5 stakeholders up to 500 users across the region, Satisfaction increase of 10 points. • Participated Actively in Global Solutions Council to share best solutions' practices • Implemented state of the art methodologies to align with business priorities and OKRs: Crisp-DM, Design Thinking, Scrum-Agile. • Developed from scratch Analytics and Data methodologies to deliver impact on the business, managing a team of 15 engineering, data scientists and analytics specialists.

Seguros Monterrey New York Life | Oct 2015 - Oct 2020

Head of Data Analytics & Marketing: Data Analytics, Digital and CX, Market Intelligence

• Generated predictive analytics models, business intelligence dashboards, market and Competitive intelligence and voice of the customer(VoC) insights for corporate decision making. • Drived Datamart development for better data governance to optimize application access and developement. • Drived innovation tools usage to design solutions, journeys and analytics solutions. • Designed analytics prototypes and production analytics sales tools to increase sales through Machine Learning, Predictive tools and ETLs. Tableau, Alteryx and python. • Member of the Strategic Projects and Customer experience committees. • Achievements: • Implemented a Corporate Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics strategy through a C-Level diagnostics methodology, managing core business KPIs and offering sales uplifts from 2 to 5%. • Implemented Montly Customer Satisfaction Dashboard for the Steering Committee to create single source of insights for Voice of the Customer. • Developed and launched NPS program to integrate 45 critical touchpoints throughout the customer and agent journeys. • Implemented datamart to support critial data domains. Reduced data access from months to direct connection with one day delay. • Increased repurchase ROI up to 200% through predictive analytics models. • Implemented retention strategies that resulted in a 2% growth. Skills: Google Analytics(GAIC certification), Data Studio, Tableau, SQL, R, Python, Alteryx, Machine Learning.

Seguros Monterrey New York Life | Jul 2016 - Feb 2017

Associate Director Business Intelligence, Analytics & Customer Experience

• Deliver data driven insights to make strategic decisions • Drive a CX Corporate Strategy to make strategic Customer Centric driven decisions to increase retention, engagement and overall audiences satisfaction. Accomplishments • Led the Customer Centricity Strategy, developing C-Level awareness, generating a CX transformation Roadmap. • Started Voice of the Customer strategy in less than 6 months. • Introduced CX Dashboard and measurement strategies: NPS, CSAT, Effort Score. • Implemented CX Management platform: Qualtrics in less than 3 months. • Defined CX Governance framework. • Developed sales analytics prototypes that resulted in 3% sales growth. • Launched and led 1st innovation team to understand industry innovation trends and to bring best practices.

Seguros Monterrey New York Life | Oct 2015 - Jul 2016

Associate Director Business Intelligence and Analytics

• Led Data Driven transformation in less than 6 months of a Market intelligence area to a Data Driven Intelligence and Market Intelligence value driven area. • Transformed analytics delivery from excel to an equipped professional Business Analytics capabilities: Data modelling, discovery reporting, predictive analytics. Reduced reporting timings from Months to days. Tools used Tableau, Alteryx, Machine Learning Azure, R Studio, SQL. • Delivered an innovative Advanced analytics Business Case to impact sales growth on 5% YoY: Data governance, Self servicing, Up-sell and cross-sell predictive analytics, performance management.

Atento | Jun 2014 - Oct 2015

North Latam Sr. Product Marketing Manager

• Developed business strategy for B2B, B2B2C solutions focused on increasing profitability for the company. • Designed and commercialized integrated Customer Experience solutions to optimize processes and customer experiences through new technologies such as: telepresence, Process automation, omnichannel solutions, analytics, CX management tools and software integrations. Key Accomplishments: • Optimized 60% of Corporate Customers’ segment operation budgets through design thinking techniques and omnichannel solutions focused on efficiencies. • Increased collections in 15% through the design and implementation of an advanced Analytics model focused on collections risks. • Increased pipeline from 0USD up to 10MUSD.

Nitro Concepts Digital Marketing Consulting | May 2009 - May 2014

Digital Marketing Director, Founder

Startup with high impact in SMB segment focused on Growth Hacking each customer's business, delivering demand generation strategies to increase from 30% up to 300% pipeline and sales. Delivered High caliber go-to-market strategies to increase demand generation through Conversion Rate Optimization, Google analytics expertise and UX and UI redesign focused market fit. Full understanding of customer insights generation methodologies to deliver optimized entire journeys and using marketing automation tools. Developed multi-channel campaigns. Full understanding of LTV, CRO, A/B Testing, aggregation models, optimization, segmentation models. Identified insights from multiple data sources to find new growth oppties. Managed business development and sales efforts for the entire operation. Key Accomplishments: • Increased sales up to 60% within SMB’s segment by using consultative methodologies focused on sales, digital marketing, CRO, channel optimization, demand generation and portal analytics. • Increased sales up to 2M MXN during 1st year of operation and increased sales up to 300%

Microsoft | Jul 2007 - May 2009

Product Marketing Manager

• Led marketing, digital marketing, sales, channel development, budget management and the entire growth strategy for two lines of business: Information Security and Systems Management • Managed sales forecasting and P&L Key Accomplishments: • Led market and competitive analysis, analytics and budget management optimization to drive growth in both lines of business. • Increased Information Security sales from 500KUSD up to 1.6MUSD during first year of operation. • Increased Systems Management sales from 0USD up to 5MUSD YoY • Increased Channel acquisition from 0 up to 20 partners. • Increased overall sales up to 26% through competitive channel recruitment and retention strategies. • Increased demand generation through Digital Marketing strategies that resulted in $20MUSD in pipeline.

Cisco Systems | Dec 2005 - Jul 2007

Commercial Marketing Manager

Developed a sustainable and aggressive growth strategy for SMB and Middle- Market segments through demand generation initiatives, market intelligence, analytics, channel development, marketing mix optimization, budget management and leadership. Key Accomplishments: • Increased sales from 0USD up to 15MUSD in 2 years through CRM intelligence, digital marketing and content management targeting, analytics, verticalization content strategies and deep market segmentations. • Increased pipeline from 0USD up to 50MUSD through an aggressive regional demand generation strategy. • Managed relationship with Commercial Chambers to drive sales through campaigns.

Oracle | Sep 2004 - Dec 2005

Oracle Latin America Regional Digital Marketing Manager

Drove innovation, piloted and executed Digital Marketing Latam strategy to increase indirect sales through database intelligence, analytics, campaign optimization, content creation, budget management and targeted campaigns. Key Accomplishments: • Increased Latam sales up to 30% YoY through analytical skills, deep segmentations and demand generation campaigns. • Increased pipeline from 0USD up to 200MUSD. • Launched first cross-sales analytics dashboard to generate optimal demand generation campaigns and spearheads. • Standardized Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Caribean and Mexico's Digital Marketing and Data operations in less than 3 months.

Oracle | Sep 2003 - Dec 2004

Digital Marketing Manager North Latam

Added the Caribean region to all Digital Marketing practices to extend best practices from Mexico. Key Accomplishments: • Increased pipeline up to 50 MUSD • Generated 10 MUSD additional sales to the region in less than 6 months • Standardized best practices to the new operation • Trained new Digital Marketing specialists on Omniture, Adobe Dreamweaver, PHP, HTML, Campaign management and CRM operations in less than 3 months.

Oracle | Sep 2002 - Sep 2003

Digital Marketing Manager Mexico

•Launched Digital Marketing operation in Mexico to increase indirect sales for all product lines. •Drove innovation on Data management practices, content management, campaign tropicalization, budget management for marketing efforts and attribution models optimization. •Trained partners to exploit their databases for demand generation initiatives. Key accomplishments: •Generated a 50 MUSD pipeline and 10MUSD of Sales during the first 6 months of operation. First indirect sales operation within the company. •Created Opportunity management standards throughout Oracle Database analytics to generate sales propensity models. •Generated insights to improve Web pages and content delivery(CMS) throughout webpage analytics and heatmaps. Click through Rates(CTR where optimized to increase leads) •Drove eMail marketing efforts to increase open rates(200%) and to reduce bounces(80%) •Managed CRM efforts and controled Marketing mix investments to optimize investments in 20% and to increase impact on 60%

Alcatel-Lucent | Jul 2000 - Sep 2002

Sales Product Manager

To develop IP networking Business opportunities and strategy for Telecommunications carriers through negotiation, presentation skills, product management and leadership. Key Accomplishments: • Increased sales up to 20% YoY.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

CTO program Candidate in Chief Technology OfficerQuantic School of Business and Technology | 2024
Certification in Deep LearningAnahuac University | 2023
Executive MBA in BusinessQuantic School of Business and Technology | 2020
Diploma in Business AnalyticsITESM | 2017
Machine Learning, Advanced analytics, R, Python, Advanced Certificate, Data Science and AnalyticsMassachusetts Institute of Technology | 2016
Analytics and Statistics, Statistical LearningStanford Continuing Studies | 2016
Strategic Business Analytics, Business Analytics consulting skills: use of Machine Learning, R.ESSEC Business School | 2015
Machine Learning, Statistics, Analytics, R, Optimization, The Analytics EdgeMassachusetts Institute of Technology | 2014
B. Eng. Electrical Engineering in Computer SystemsLaval University | 2000

About Me

Oscar Cejudo

Passionate about AI and Data Science and its applications to Business and real life use cases.

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