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Omar Alqaysi

Omar Alqaysi


Data Scientist

Istanbul technical university


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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in Python

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Data Scientist Professional

Curious explorer of data landscapes, seeking hidden treasures.

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Joining Data in SQL


Duplicate of Live Training - Data Cleaning in Python


Unsupervised Learning in Python

My Certifications

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Data Scientist Professional

Data Scientist Professional

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My Work Experience

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RMTeam International ✔ | May 2023 - Aug 2023

Data Scientist

Achievements/Tasks: • Performed Exploratory data analysis (EDA) and Data cleaning and validation to ensure a high-quality dataset using python and pandas library. • Produced data visuals & Plots to get insights from raw data to understand the data thoroughly. • Initiated Isolation Forest model to detect anomalies in the dataset since the dataset contains more than 400 columns. • Defined a KPI called data quality score to show how close or far a record from being defined as an anomaly.
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Hamoye.com | Oct 2022 - Mar 2023

Data Science Intern

Achievements/Tasks: In this internship we were divided into groups where we worked on different projects: • Football events analysis (ML project): Predicting the likelihood of a goal being scored based on certain features of the shot using many Machine Learning algorithms like (RandomForest, XGBoost, Logistic Regression . • Skin Cancer Classification (CNN model): We developed a deep learning model (Conventual Neural Network) that aimed to classify nine different types of cancer cells. Additionally, we created a Streamlit app to deploy the model. • Time-series Forecasting: We learned how to use and implement Prophet library for forecasting problems. I contributed to all projects, focusing on modeling, creating slides, and presenting. I was assigned to two groups that received top ratings from the juries.

Al Qabas co. for oil services | Apr 2016 - Feb 2020

Surveyor & Construction supervisor

That project was my first one & and I've gained much experience since we were dealing with many sub-contractors, International engineers, and workers. Besides the harsh hot environment in the desert, I consider it a perfect start for my career.

My Education

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Master's degree in Geomatics engineeringIstanbul Technical University | 2024
Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Civil EngineeringIsra private university | 2017

About Me

Omar Alqaysi

It all started after I took a course in Python where I found myself into programming, Then I saw ads for data scientists and got curious about that position, After some research, I found it matching my criteria so I started pursuing data science.

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