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Data Analyst Professional

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Certification - Data Analyst Professional - Product_Sales

If I don't know something today, chances are I will have learned it by tomorrow.

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Quantium Dataset


Google Advanced Data Analytics Capstone Project (ML)


Certification - Data Analyst Professional - Product_Sales


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My Certifications

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Data Analyst Professional

Data Analyst Professional

Other Certificates

Google Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate

DeepLearning.AI - Coursera AI for Good

Codecademy Learn Intermediate Python 3 & Learn Advanced Python 3

WageningenX - EDX Big Data for Agri-Food: Principles and Tools

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My Work Experience

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Lofty Bistro & Drinks | Aug 2022 - Feb 2023

Restaurant Manager & Co-owner

I oversaw the day-to-day operations at a small restaurant and café that served both Thai and International food. My core responsibilities were handling the restaurant's online presence and bringing in new customers through various marketing campaigns. I also used my creativity to design the restaurant's logo, menus, and all the printed and digital media. Additionally, I took care of managing the money, keeping track of the budget and payroll.
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Aquasol - Perforaciones de Pozos | Apr 2017 - Feb 2020


Nicaragua that aimed to provide small and medium-sized farmers with access to drinking and irrigation water. We utilized a compact drilling rig that was capable of drilling wells up to 200 feet deep and 9.5 inches wide, which could accommodate casings up to 6 inches. Additionally, we offered underground water exploration through soil resistivity studies to identify the most suitable locations for drilling.

Accedo Digital Inc. | Sep 2019 - Jan 2020

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, my primary objective was to design and implement effective digital marketing strategies for a diverse portfolio of small and medium-sized businesses across the United States. From family-owned establishments to car dealerships, and even a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, I worked with a wide variety of clients with unique needs and goals. In addition to my core responsibilities, I supported the sales team by conducting marketing plan audits for potential clients, identifying areas for improvement, and offering solutions to enhance their marketing efforts. I also played a key role in negotiating strategic alliances with other marketing agencies, which resulted in successful partnerships and expanded our white- label services. Thanks to my efforts, we were able to improve most of our key performance indicators, earning recognition and accreditation as part of the renowned Google Partner program.

Accedo Technologies | Jul 2018 - Sep 2019

Legal Assistant

Started as a remote legal assistant for a Houston-based Legal Firm involved in mass tort litigations against manufacturers of faulty medical devices and potentially harmful agrochemicals. In this role, I conducted phone interviews with clients to gather essential information about their claims to assess their eligibility. If a client qualified, I opened a request for their medical records, ensuring HIPAA compliance, as evidence to support their claims. After approximately six months, I got promoted to a senior legal assistant role where my primary responsibility was obtaining any missing information needed to file a case. In my docket, most of the time we would be missing the pathology report (a key piece of evidence), so I spent most of my time in communication with hospitals and laboratories until I was able to obtain a copy of this document. Lastly, I also provided support to junior legal assistants whenever needed.

White Shark Media® | Jun 2016 - Jan 2017

PPC Strategist

My role as a Pay-Per-Click Strategist involved managing a diverse portfolio of roughly 28 small to medium-sized businesses operating in different industries throughout the United States. One of my key responsibilities was to create and manage search engine marketing campaigns on both Google and Bing platforms, with the aim of boosting brand visibility and driving conversions.

Cargill | Mar 2015 - Jun 2016

Procurement Analyst & COE Analyst

Responsible for fulfilling the sourcing of supplies, equipment, repairs, and capital expenditure projects to keep production going smoothly and safely. That meant sourcing locally and internationally to find the best deals for each requirement while making sure we followed company policies and kept costs down. A few months into the purchasing analyst role I was offered the added responsibility of center of excellence analyst for the Nicaraguan procurement department. Under this new assignment, I was expected to work 50% as a purchasing analyst and 50% as a COE analyst. During my time as a Center of Excellence Analyst (COE), I handled a variety of important administrative duties for the Procurement Department in Nicaragua. These responsibilities included managing databases, data analysis, reporting, calculating key performance indicators, screening potential new suppliers, and more.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Master of Management in AgribusinessLincoln University (NZ) | 2021
Bachelor of Science in FinanceUAM College, Universidad Americana | 2014
International Exchange Student, FinanceSan Jose State University | 2013

About Me

Oscar  Tellez

I'm a Data Analyst proficient in using tools like Excel, SQL, and Python to extract, transform, analyze, and visualize data for performance tracking and decision-making.

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