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Pamela FAGLA

Pamela FAGLA

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Python Fundamentals

My New Project

Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

My New Course

Introduction to Python

Algorithm aficionado, dancing with equations in the realm of possibilities.

My Work

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A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners


The GitHub History of the Scala Language


Predicting Credit Card Approvals

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

Google Certification Fondamentaux du marketing Numérique

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

DGAE | Nov 2019 - May 2020



My Education

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Bachelor in Economical and sectoral statisticENEAM | 2020

About Me

Pamela FAGLA

My name is Pamela FAGLA, I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence and I want to be a good Data Scientist.

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