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Patricia Ratiu

Patricia Ratiu

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Machine learning maverick, riding the wave of algorithms to new frontiers.

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Alphablock | Feb 2019 - Jan 2024

Data analyst in financial markets

Working with price datasets and financial instruments: stocks, equity, commodities, ETF, currency, and cryptocurrency. Working with annual reports, holding statements and factsheets (for portfolios and companies) Data maintenance: corporate action review, daily price modifications, price adjustments Sorting through large data sets to identify patterns and relationships that can help solve business problems through data analysis Infrastructure maintenance: daily and weekly review of the data storing process, mongoDB connection to the environment, and control quality of the data Building group/universe of specific datasets applying fundamental and performance filters and sorting Models and portfolio simulations: building a functionality scheme, testing parameters and variables for short/long timeframe based on group specifications Generating MPT Statistics for portfolios and calculating specific portfolio indicators: results interpretation and classification based on performance Applied analysis skills, developing data models, and evaluating and improving existing models to create solutions: adjusting existing models and portfolios by applying new filters that use a systematic approach for interference Building equity models based on equities from Asia, America, Australia, and Europe Executed simulations on business data to identify the financial impacts of decisions and created frameworks for testing model quality. Testing new developments, infrastructure, and features Understanding and analyzing markets: models comparison with specific indexes Analyzing and detecting patterns, trends, and relationships in large data sets Research on financial markets and participation in ML processes that help interpret and understand price movement Coding in R/Python (beginner-intermediate): using, updating, and modifying existing codes to generate statistics, visualization, data sorting, and data interpretation Working with Mongo nonSQL Database Client interaction: Onboarding and providing instructions for transitioning models, trading execution, frequent portfolio modifications, and holding statement information Organizing and documenting internal and client meetings Jira Confluence: Planning, documenting, prioritizing, and delegating tasks Training and handholding team members: planning meetings; preparing and presenting documentation and steps; guidance and exposure to environment, platforms, databases Documentation of methodology, infrastructure functionality, new developments, research, and training process
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Master's Degree in Corporate Finance and InsuranceFSEGA - Babeş-Bolyai | 2020
Bachelor's Degree in Finance and BankingFSEGA - Babeş-Bolyai | 2018

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Patricia Ratiu

Dedicated worker with good problem-solving skills, a genuine love for numbers and finance, and a keen eye for detail. Innovative thinker with a strong self-motivation capacity. Standing by the statement that good communication and active listening ar

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