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Paul Jones

Paul Jones


42 Gordon Square | Sydney


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Data Analyst

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Introduction to Python

Insightful strategist, envisioning new possibilities through data foresight.

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Introduction to Julia


Introduction to R


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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Datacamp Machine Learning in R

Datacamp Data Scientist in R

Datacamp Data Analysis in R

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42 Gordon Square | Jun 2013 - Present


Economic Research, Data analysis, Econometric Modelling, and Quantitative Based Outcomes for Banking and Debt Capital Markets
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My Education

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Master of Finance and Economics in BankingUniversity of Technology Sydney | 2014
Bachelor of Economics in EconometricsUniversity of Newcastle | 2005

About Me

Paul Jones

Economist with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Economics and Finance. Focus areas in Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Central Banking, Finance Systems, Quantitative Finance and Econometrics. Post-Keynesianism, Heterodox Economics and MMT.

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