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Pedro Gameiro

Pedro Gameiro

CEO | Investment Analyst | Financial Modeller | Startup Adviser | Value Creator

Gritseek Ventures


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Introduction to SQL

Quantitative magician, conjuring valuable knowledge from data spells.

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Introduction to SQL


Introduction to ChatGPT


Intermediate Python

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

VALUE enablers Private Limited. Life Time Membership

Udemy Venture Capital Valuation Analysis Method

Udacity Masterschool’s Intro to Programming TF101.1

Udacity Masterschool’s Intro to Programming TF101.2

Udacity Masterschool’s Intro to Programming TF101.3

Udacity DA102.1 Descriptive Statistics (Masterschool)

Udacity DA103.1 Intro to SQL (Masterschool)

Udacity DA103.2 Data Aggregation with SQL (Masterschool)

Udacity DA103.3 Joining Data with SQL (Masterschool)

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My Work Experience

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Gritseek Ventures | Jan 2023 - Present

Founder, CEO & CXO

✪ Gritseek Ventures is a network of partners and agents that work together to create value for its clients as a Data-Driven Financial Consulting Firm, a Startup Enabler, a Value Creator, and an Investment Partner that creates value for the sell side with its services and provides risk-mitigating solutions to the buy side. ✪ ⫸ Gritseek Ventures Founder, CEO & CXO (Startup Enabler, Investment Analyst, Data Scientist & Lead Researcher). ♕ Main Team Achievements: ➥ Gritseek Ventures Current Structured Deals Pipeline has over £ 104.6M of Expected Lifetime Value; ➥ 3 Client Deals under negotiation, with the remaining already structured (7) under review by Gritseek Ventures Network Members and Investors Database; ➥ 20% of the Gritseek Seed / Series A funding Round Secured; ➥ Gritseek Investor's Database is growing at the expected rate. ➥ 2023 Company Milestone Roadmap & Operational Schedule Finished. ➥ 35 quarterly deals under structure, fulfilling company acceptance hurdles, achieved for Q2 2023 (forecasted for Q3).
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Upwork | Nov 2022 - Present

Investment Analyst | Financial Modeller | Startup Adviser

✪ My services will always create value! ✪ As a Freelancer, I perform the following services (for investors and startups): ⫸ Financial modeling, forecasting, and risk assessment of real estate assets or portfolios (commercial, hotels, residential, retail, office, and mixed-use). ⫸ Real-asset financial analysis. ⫸ Real Estate funding strategy advising. ⫸ Venture revenue forecasting. ⫸ Investment valuation and advising. ⫸ Investment exit planning & strategy. ⫸ Company valuation (for M&A targets and equity investments). ⫸ Portfolio management and asset filtering processes optimization. ⫸ Venture analysis for funding and investment purposes. ⫸ Startup funding strategy advising. ⫸ Startup's investor pitching and financing. ⫸ Financial planning & analysis.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

PgDip in Financial Analysis, Finance and Financial Management ServicesPorto Business School | 2016
BSc in Management and Tourism Planning (pre-Bologna), Business/ Managerial EconomicsUniversidade de Aveiro | 2007
Erasmus Programme, Business/Managerial EconomicsUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona | 2006

About Me

Pedro Gameiro

Expert financial modeller and investment analyst with extensive experience in revenue forecasting, investment valuation and advising, company valuation, M&A deal pipeline workflow, portfolio management, and asset filtering processes.

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