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Péter István Fülöp

Péter István Fülöp

Data engineer

HCL Starschema Ltd | Budapest


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My New Course

Writing Efficient Python Code

My New Course

Cleaning Data with PySpark

My New Course

Data Manipulation with pandas

Data Engineer | ETL | Python | SQL | Azure | Snowflake

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NumPy Crash Course


Course Notes: Creating PostgreSQL Databases


Writing Efficient Python Code

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Starschema | Sep 2022 - Present

Data Engineer

As a member of a data engineer team, I am currently working on a project for one of the largest US Tech companies. My daily responsibilities include constructing data ingestion pipelines using the Python-based Dagster data orchestration framework to copy data from Amazon S3 buckets to Snowflake. One of my primary tasks is writing unit and integration tests to ensure data quality and the smooth functioning of the data ingestion process. Additionally, I play an important role in monitoring and optimizing queries on the Snowflake side. I also actively take part in creating and delivering presentations for the customer at knowledge transfer sessions and delivery milestones.
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Datalytix Solutions Ltd. | Sep 2015 - Dec 2022

Data Analyst / Business Analyst

My responsabilities in the current position are: - Managing a development team of 3-4 people, with active participation in the software development process, from planning through delivery, operation and support. - Managing customer requirements, proposing technical solutions, managing requirements, mediating to the development team. - As a database expert I participate in the process of designing databases, examining and optimizing the efficiency of data retrieval and data processing. I work with MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. - Active participation in the design of applications and databases, development of data analysis and data processing, data visualization strategies. Used data visualization softwares HighchartJS, Google Charts, PowerBI. - Writing critical software code sections. - Project management, delivery of software products in accordance with the commitments and schedules. - The performance of executive duties.

Expertweb Ltd. | Sep 2007 - Jan 2014

Software Engineer

- Leading a 4-person development team with active participation in the coding, testing and delivery processes. - Development of web applications based on Apache, PHP, Mysql, PostgreSQL technologies.

Sapientia, Hungarian University Of Transilvania | Sep 2002 - Sep 2007

Teaching assistant

Taught courses and labs: - relational database systems - data structures and algorithms - web technologies - graph theory

My Education

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Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer SciencePetru Maior University | 2001
Bolyai Farkas Highschool
elementary school

About Me

Péter István Fülöp

I have over 15 years of experience in software and database development, design. I work with a solid object- oriented approach and 20 years of SQL development experience. My main fields of expertise are database design, testing and optimization.

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