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Piotr Pustul

Piotr Pustul

Web Developer

CoderLab | Wimbledon


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Introduction to Python

Analytical storyteller, weaving captivating narratives with the threads of data.

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Introduction to SQL


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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My Work Experience

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RDF Restaurants | Nov 2022 - Present

Customer Service Specialist

Proven track record in ensuring a positive dining experience through expert guest welcoming, efficient order management, and adept issue resolution. Highly skilled in communication and customer-focused service with a collaborative approach. Consistently contributed to overall customer satisfaction and cultivated a welcoming atmosphere.
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3B Digital Ltd. | Jan 2021 - Jan 2022

Web Developer

Scope, plan, develop, and test new features for existing projects while participating in full project life cycles. Implement projects based on Graphic Designers' mock-ups. Collaborate with team members to adhere to plans, troubleshoot issues, and ensure timely and budget-conscious project delivery. Provide technical guidance, communication, and task solutions.

Freelancer | Jan 2020 - May 2021

Frontend Developer

Continued learning after graduation through personal projects, emphasizing problem-solving and researching techniques. Leveraged online resources like Stack Overflow, Udemy, Academind and Pluralsight for pre-existing solutions and expanding knowledge.

Young & Co Brewery, PLC | Nov 2018 - May 2021

Assistant Manager

Led the implementation of efficient organization and division of labor strategies, optimizing productivity. Effectively managed store inventory, ensuring accurate tracking and coordination. Provided comprehensive training and guidance to team members on computer system utilization, ensuring smooth operation and maximizing efficiency.

fair | May 2021 - Jan 2021

Frontend Developer

participating in its design and implementation. Ensured the smooth functioning of the website through ongoing maintenance and updates, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Custom Tailoring Business | Jan 2015 - Jan 2018

Business Owner

Efficiently managed financial operations, including budgeting, to drive business success. Monitored and maintained service quality, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Demonstrated expertise in acquiring new customers and negotiating prices, fostering strong partnerships. Recruited, trained, and supported employees for optimal job satisfaction. Proactively sought innovative solutions and technologies to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate customer experiences.

Prestige Life | Jan 2013 - Nov 2014

Life Insurance Agent

individuals and businesses, helping them select coverage that matches their financial and family needs. I continually enhance my expertise through training courses with leading insurance companies like ING, AXA, and NORDEA, ensuring I offer clients informed and up-to-date solutions.

My Education

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JavaScript DeveloperCoders Lab | 2020
Building Technician  ZSTiO im Stefana Zeromskiego | 2011

About Me

Piotr Pustul

Motivated by challenges, I thrive outside my comfort zone. Strong organizational and analytical skills make me a valuable asset to any team. Adaptable and collaborative, I seek growth opportunities, ready to contribute and learn in dynamic settings.

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