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Eric Sammons

Eric Sammons

Sr. Strategic Capacity Engineer

ServiceNow | East Coast


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Time Series Analysis in Python

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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

My New Project

Predicting Credit Card Approvals

IT and Data Strategist with a Passion for Innovation

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Time Series Analysis in Python


Optimizing Online Sports Revenue


Predicting Credit Card Approvals


A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners

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Shopify | May 2022 - May 2023

Data Science Manager

Led a remote North America team of data scientists, orchestrating day-to- day priorities and steering impactful outcomes. Co-authored the FinOps capabilities roadmap and directed a pivotal data analytics project, optimizing platform efficiency. Architected the Frozen, Fraudulent, and Canceled (FFC) shop Dashboard, identifying, for isolation, high-risk merchants from a 2.5 million pool. This strategic move enhanced platform performance and mitigated risks effectively. Employed critical data analysis techniques utilizing SQL, BigQuery, and LookerStudio, dispelling misconceptions surrounding cloud spend factors. Created dynamic traffic insights dashboards using BigQuery console, crafted SQL queries, and LookerStudio to empower proactive decision-making. Introduced an innovative data team workflow via GitHub project boards, elevating transparency by 100% and ensuring precise stakeholder alignment. Collaborated with the data platform team to streamline workflows, enhancing the experience for 500+ data scientists. Utilized SQL, Python, dbt, and PySpark for data pipelines, delivering invaluable web performance insights. Leveraged comprehensive skills in project coordination, data analysis, and cross-functional collaboration, fostering a culture of excellence.
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Red Hat | Apr 2021 - Apr 2022

Data Science Manager

As a dynamic leader, I drove remarkable growth within the Quality Engineering Data Science team, expanding its size from one to five members within two years. My strategic vision and leadership propelled this team to new heights, delivering impactful outcomes. Managing a global team, I harnessed strategic recruitment and training to foster a high-performance culture. This approach ensured timely project completion, aligning with organizational goals and maintaining operational excellence. My dedication to efficiency resulted in a remarkable reduction of resolution time by 75% and backlog by 90%, consistently meeting and exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs). This achievement reflected the meticulous planning and execution that underpinned my leadership style. Architecting automated data pipelines, I leveraged SQL, Python, pandas, Airflow, and AWS to facilitate seamless data and machine learning model integration. This innovation streamlined processes, enhancing data accuracy and timeliness. My expertise extended to the design and publication of interactive dashboards in Tableau, empowered by SQL. These dashboards provided stakeholders with complete visibility into KPI progress, facilitating data-driven decision- making across the organization. Additionally, I crafted cloud spend forecast dashboards using Python, AWS, and Tableau. This allowed for effective tracking of expenditure against budget at both organizational and team levels, optimizing financial resource allocation. My role as Data Science Manager at Red Hat encapsulated strategic leadership, operational excellence, and technological innovation, reinforcing my commitment to driving data-driven success.

Red Hat | Mar 2019 - Apr 2021

Principal Data Analyst

As a visionary leader, I proposed, secured support for, and spearheaded the establishment of the Quality Engineering Data Science team, a pivotal move that catalyzed transformative change within the organization. This strategic decision aligned seamlessly with our commitment to data-driven excellence. Under my guidance, the global data science team flourished, with strategic recruitment, onboarding, and performance management driving exceptional outcomes. Active participation in requirements meetings and data mapping sessions enabled me to accurately identify business needs, ensuring agile alignment with organizational objectives. I engineered a machine learning classification application that revolutionized efficiency, saving Test Engineers 8 hours per week. My role as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at internal Tableau Community of Excellence User Groups enhanced user knowledge and best practices dissemination. Software quality improvement became a hallmark of my tenure, with DORA- based metrics enhancing quality by 40%-60%. This transformation extended to the design of 25 intricate visualizations, harnessing SQL, Python, Airflow, and Tableau to deliver crucial insights to stakeholders. Adeptly orchestrating the implementation of automated data pipelines using SQL, Python, pandas, Airflow, parquet files, Redshift, and S3, I streamlined data processes, elevating accuracy and timeliness in decision-making. My leadership encompassed team management, technological innovation, and strategic alignment, underscoring my steadfast dedication to advancing data- driven success.

Red Hat | Sep 2012 - Mar 2019

Manager Quality Engineering

Led and managed a diverse team of 18 global Test Engineers, driving high- performance standards through strategic hiring, comprehensive training, and continuous process improvements. Tracked test plans meticulously using Google Suite, enhancing project management efficiency. Introduced enhanced transparency and collaboration by leveraging JIRA and Polarion, resulting in streamlined workflows and improved cross-functional communication. Spearheaded a revolutionary shift towards automation-first practices, reducing test times by an impressive 75% and elevating overall efficiency. Leveraged a unique blend of Python, HTML, and CSS to construct intuitive and comprehensive test planning and progression reports. This innovative approach provided enhanced oversight and real-time progress tracking, ensuring optimal project execution. Adeptly combined leadership acumen, technical expertise, and process enhancement strategies to foster a culture of excellence and drive exceptional outcomes in software quality engineering.

Red Hat | Oct 2011 - Sep 2012

Sr. Quality Engineer

As a Sr. Software Quality Engineer, I contributed significantly to ensuring the reliability and excellence of our advanced web system management platform. Through my expertise in test automation and collaboration, I played a vital role in elevating product quality and delivering an exceptional user experience. In this role, I developed and maintained comprehensive regression and feature automated tests using Python, Selenium, and Jenkins. This strategic approach not only reduced manual testing efforts but also expanded test coverage, leading to enhanced software reliability. Active participation in daily scrum meetings alongside product owners, product managers, and software engineers enriched cross-functional communication and alignment throughout the development lifecycle. My collaborative efforts extended to closely working with software engineers to identify pivotal areas of testing, resulting in thorough evaluations of functionality, performance, and usability. Demonstrating strong problem-solving skills, I efficiently identified and documented software defects. My proactive approach included submitting patches to address discovered bugs, actively contributing to continuous software improvement. In addition, I took a leadership role in the hiring process, interviewing, and onboarding of a Junior Test Engineer. By fostering a seamless integration and providing mentorship, I played a key part in their professional development and the maintenance of high-quality testing standards. Throughout my tenure, I effectively managed the day-to-day priorities of the Junior Test Engineer, ensuring their work aligned with overarching goals and facilitating their growth within the team.

Red Hat | Mar 2007 - Oct 2011

Sr. Technical Account Manager

As a dedicated Senior Technical Account Manager, I provided unwavering support to strategic customers, primarily within the financial sector. Leveraging my expertise, I adeptly utilized virtualization technologies, Python, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to meticulously reproduce and resolve complex customer issues. Serving as a vital link between customers and Engineering teams, I passionately advocated for customer needs and championed their requirements for new features. My role was marked by strategic problem- solving, as I consistently charted a path forward for customers. One standout achievement was the development of an automated solution for migrating thousands of individual inboxes from Sendmail to a postfix and dovecot environment. Employing Python, I streamlined the process, ensuring seamless transition and improved operational efficiency. Additionally, I architected a scalable, automated delivery solution for security reports. Through API integration, data was ingested, processed into Excel format, and dispatched via email to customers as specified in a configuration file. This innovative approach streamlined data delivery, enhancing customer engagement. I took an active role in post-mortem reviews and presentations following major releases, providing valuable insights by comparing prior release events to the current state. This practice contributed significantly to iterative improvements and enhanced release management. Throughout my tenure, I demonstrated a steadfast commitment to excellence, technical innovation, and strategic customer partnership. My multifaceted role combined technical prowess, customer advocacy, and automation expertise, consistently delivering value to our strategic clientele.

Federal Reserve Information Technology | Sep 1999 - Mar 2007

Sr. Unix Systems Administrator

I led initiatives optimizing system performance and operational efficiency. Expertly sizing multi-tiered Unix systems based on app requirements, I enabled scalable deployments. Overhauling Solaris installation for security and efficiency, Utilizing PERL I developed an automated process for preparing and upgrading systems from Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 8, ensuring uniformity and best practices. Driving Linux adoption, I evaluated variants, advocating for a specific Linux variant. Selecting Red Hat Enterprise Linux I documented internal standard operating procedures for Red Hat Linux installation and support. I designed, developed, and deployed an automated installation solution with web-driven automation for Solaris and Linux, saving time for Administrators. I orchestrated geographically separated Red Hat Satellite systems and failover solutions, bolstering system resilience. My leadership extended to team growth through interviewing, hiring, and onboarding Administrators. I was responsible for the day-to-day priorities of Junior Administrators. I delivered comprehensive Linux training to Administrators and Network Operations staff, nurturing staff proficiency. Managing Junior Administrators, I upheld operational excellence. I evaluated Linux on S/390 for resource repurposing, concluding it unsuitable for production workloads.

My Education

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Google Data AnalyticsCoursera | 2023
Certificate of Completion, Data Science with PythonDataCamp | 2022
Virginia Tech
Bachelor's degree, Computer and Information Systems Security/InformationGallaudet University

About Me

Eric Sammons

Adaptable tech generalist & progressive Data Scientist. Enhances org efficiency, optimizes UX, & drives process improvement for global tech firms. Committed to team growth & development. M.S. in Information Technology.

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