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Precious Adeniyi

Precious Adeniyi

database analyst

Value Gate Consulting


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Insights artist, painting vivid pictures of knowledge with data as the brush.

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Introduction to Python


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ValueGate Consulting | Mar 2023 - Present

Data Specialist

Led the development of a customer segmentation model, leading to a 25% increase in targeted marketing efficiency and revenue growth. • Implemented and optimized machine learning models for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime by 15%. • Implement data governance policies, ensuring compliance with data security regulations and best practices. • Conducted a thorough evaluation of digital transformation impacts, providing key insights that aligned 90% of digital initiatives with organizational goals, thereby driving strategic decision- making. • Led a cross-functional team in the development of an intuitive sales application, enhancing data entry efficiency by 35% and providing advanced visualization tools that improved data interpretation for sales teams. • Developed and launched sophisticated data inventory applications, leading to a 30% improvement in tracking accuracy and a 25% increase in efficiency for client inventory, sales, and purchase analysis.
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K A | Feb 2022 - Feb 2023

Data Analyst

Conducted comprehensive analysis on customer experience, leading to a 15% decrease in churn rate. • Maintained automated reports, reducing report generation time by 30% and improving data accuracy. • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define KPIs and create dashboards for real-time reporting. • Performed comprehensive economic data evaluations, identifying critical trends and patterns that informed and refined investment strategies, resulting in a 25% increase in investment returns. • Established and maintained stringent data validation procedures, ensuring a 99% rate of data reliability and accuracy, thereby significantly enhancing the integrity of business decision- making processes

GCC | Feb 2020 - Feb 2022

Junior Data Analyst

Compiled and cleaned data from various sources to support business intelligence initiatives. • Assisted in the development of predictive models to identify potential areas for cost savings. • Created visually engaging reports for management, facilitating better decision-making.

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Bachelor of Science - BS in Industrial ChemistryEkiti state university | 2022

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