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Sergei Bobrik

Sergei Bobrik

Quality Engineer & Analyst | Student

Philips | Renault | Riga Technical University | Riga, Latvia


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Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

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Analyzing Survey data on company perceptions on innovative behavior with SQL & Python

My New Workspace

Long-haul depatures from RIX airport distribution - RTU Statistics Project

Quality Engineer turned Data Analyst: Leveraging Python to transform quality metrics into actionable insights

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Exploring NYC Public School Test Result Scores


Long-haul depatures from RIX airport distribution - RTU Statistics Project


Analyzing Survey data on company perceptions on innovative behavior with SQL & Python


My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) VDA 6.3 Process Auditor Certification

WorldSkills International Skills Passport assignment, competence "33 RU Repair and maintenance of automobiles / CODE 1.6"

National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Lean Six Sigma: Define and Measure Tools

IELTS Official IELTS 7.5 Overall score

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Philips | Feb 2022 - May 2023

Customer Advocate

- Coordination of Correction and removal activities in RCA: providing Field safety notice and Customer Information letters to end-users, distributors, and partners to mitigate patient safety risks prior to service field action execution. - Processing of the Unit Affected List to compile the Customer Affected List. Supplementing it with up to-date information about the location of medical devices and contact details of users via Master data, IB, service and installation documents channels. - Forming a response to the Competent Authorities requests on Correctional and Removal corrective action implementation status. - Partner cross functionally to provide comprehensive C&R status to BIU and International Market Quality.
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Renault Group | Jun 2021 - Feb 2022

Customer Quality Responsible Engineer

- Instant response to defects found in the dealer network and support of dealers in the investigation of the real causes of a malfunction, recall and investigate on the causative part using non-destructive control methods; - Alerting plant/supplier on the defects on vehicles purchased by customers, escalation and cross-functional collaboration to ensure timely and robust quality solutions for customer issue; - Executing monitoring of the manufacturing workstation responsible for the defect appearance and identifying the risks and causes that led to defect emerging; - Instant temporary protection on the plant (QRQC method), root cause elimination (ANAQ, RCA (is/is not, fishbone, 5W2H, FMEA etc)) and consolidating 8D reports from suppliers, etc... ; - Analyzing and optimizing production processes in order to reduce the number of customer incidents; - Organization of robust customer protection and responsibility for its effectiveness (Kaizen, PDCA, SAO, Poka-yoke, Yokoten, best practice) - Maintaining reporting on indicators of customer protection, as well as filling customer protection for each client's incident on the platform.

Renault Group | Oct 2020 - May 2021

Manufacturing Process Auditor

- Comprehensive manufacturing process examination for compliance with the requirements of local specifications and general manufacturing standards, instructions and other documents regulating production process to verify that it is performing as intended. (production line audit, site documentation and control plan quality record examination, processes value flow, SOP to WI correspondence, technical drawings, control plans, work Instruction Chart...) - Documentation of discovered problems and informing all those affected. - Determination of in-depth corrective action plans, providing root cause analysis and additional verification on corrective action results (follow- up audit).

Renault Group | Jun 2018 - Oct 2020

Quality Analyst

- Determination of responsibility for assembly defects and notification of those responsible; - Analysis of the causes of inconsistencies in the assembly of vehicles (ANAQ, RCA (is/is not, fishbone, 5W2H, FMEA etc)); - Approval of customer protections (Poison Cake, in-line audit); - Tracking of key indicators of product assembly quality at various assembly perimeters (DPU/DPUIN, Statistical Process Contro (SPC), DPMU, YTP, RTY, etc); - Search and promotion of ways to improve the efficiency of processes and key quality indicators in assembly production (KATA, JIT, VSM, other lean tools); - Project support until the launch of serial production. - During last 8 months was in charge of control, quotation and support of the elimination of inconsistencies that entail degradation of the vehicle during the first 300,000 km (defects in operational reliability);

Renault Group | Jun 2017 - May 2018

Quality Inspector (Surveillance plan)

- Reviewing vehicles during and after manufacturing to make sure they meet company requirements and alliance standards; - Implementation of the surveillance plan and incorporation of its results into the non-conformity prevention system; - Сonfirmation the compliance of the key indicators regulated by the legislation and safety standards of the transport facility (Toe-in, headlight angle of attack, handbrake force, braking force, etc.); - Alerting manufacturing responsibles about inconsistencies of indicators.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelor Degree of Social Sciences in Business Engineering and Management (Economics, Management, Natural sciences)Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (Riga Technical University) | 2026
Incomplete higher education. BE, Engineering in Industrial Quality Management (Economics, Natural sciences (physics, mathematics) & Technology)Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) | 2022
Specialist degree "with distinction" in Automotive Engineering TechnologyCollege of Automotive Transport No. 9 | 2021

About Me

Sergei Bobrik

Experienced Quality Engineer & Analyst, now exploring Data Analytics with Python. Leveraging a rich background in quality control and analysis from Philips and Renault to drive data-driven decision-making and enhance business insights through data...

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