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daniel quintana

daniel quintana

Backend Developer Python

Coderio | Portugal


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_coderio | Software Company | Sep 2022 - Present

Back End Developer

A company dedicated to giving different services to clients located in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and the USA. My activities are: • 5corelife project: tests were added to the project that it did not have, and work was also done on the following definitions for the client. • Iplan project: work was done to improve the relationship process between CTO and buildings to assign coverage and fiber service, a solution was developed to execute the process at the user's request through the back office of the application. Currently, the incidents reported by the client are being attended to. • IKYN (I know someone) project: the pipeline was created to deploy the development and production environments, instances EC2, S3, and RDS were created to have the application in the development and production environments, creating documentation of the project architecture and functionality. • Cencosud: create monitor app web in Django and Reactjs, where show dashboards, charts, metrics, logs, and internal processes status. Technologies: Python, Django, Celery, git, GitLab, AWS, testing (unit test, TDD, test integration), database (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL).
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Fever | Jun 2022 - Aug 2022

Back End Developer

The company is dedicated to selling events around the world, in the country where is operative (Spain, USA, Portugal, France, South Korea, England, etc.) My activities were: • Attend different issues on the backend. • Implement the different solutions in the definition of the sprint (every two weeks). Tech Stack: Python, Django, Celery, Docker, Redis, PostgreSQL, GIT (Github and GitLab), TDD (UnitTest and PyTest), DDD, and hexagonal.

Lana | Jan 2022 - May 2022

Back End Developer

A company dedicated to an optimized technology platform, that seeks to provide accessible financial services through technology and with an outstanding experience to traditionally underserved clients in Latam, starting with gig economy workers or collaborative economy. My roles in this company are: • Create new core banking in Python with Django as the backend, migrated from Golang, and front end in Vue and event architecture with Celery and WebSocket to communicate with microservices. • Create and consume API external and internal, because We have a state machine that is used by the User when opening an account in this application. • Use CI/CD to deploy the application in staging, for the moment, because this application is not productive, also use GitLab and GitHub as version control. • We use Kubernetes (orchestrator) and Docker (container deploy) • Apply for code review, and all Fridays, as a team, take 2 hours to do different proposes to grow and better the code, apply to refactor, and apply good practices through design pattern. Tech Stack: Python, Django, Celery, Kubernetes, Docker, Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL, GIT (Github and GitLab), Vue, TDD (UnitTest and PyTest), and Nginx (load balance)

Global Hitss Cono Sur | Dec 2019 - Dec 2021

Back End Developer

Completed projects: - Creation and updating of queries for the predictive search nodes in the Claro Video and Netflex applications. - Job design, to verify content ingestion for Netflex application (Brazil) - Migration project from elasticsearch version V1.7 to V7.7. Here we migrate as the first stage, the version of Netflex, where we update indices, mapping, analyzer, later new queries are made for predictive type searches and vertical searches, Content ingestion processes are improved through Pyhton, is applied CI / CD for ingest processes, creation of automatic jobs for daily executions. - Use of Docker for deployments of new services and processes that require to be executed automatically through jenkins. - Resolution of issues about content searches, on the Claro Video, Claro Música, Xplorer (Music application in Europe) and Netflex (Video application in Brazil) platforms. - Design of mini-applications for process monitoring. Technologies used: Pyhton, Jenkins, Docker, RabbitMQ, ELK, Oracle, Mongo.

Makro Argentina | Nov 2019 - Dec 2019

Head of Development and Applications Support

1. Technical manager of solutions development. 2. Support for productive Makro applications and their interfaces with other systems. 3. Management and leadership for application development and support teams, taking into account the technical and applying agile methodologies. 4. Technical validation of deliverables and documentation for the different developments and incident resolutions. 5. Leader of technology projects, interacting with IT providers. 6. Management and status monitoring for the various incident solutions related to Makro corporate applications. 7. Design of long-term solutions implementing SISP policies, in production environments. 8. Responsible for the correct operation and management of Development, Test, and Pre-Productive environments with their respective interfaces with other systems. 9. Communications management, log tracking, and daily reports, such as monthly reports on corporate applications.

Makro Argentina | May 2018 - Oct 2019

Back End Developer

Cross Fresh Project, is about creating a dynamic solution taking into account the operation of the current process, which will be integrated with the inclusion of new suppliers such as Distribution Centers, activities defined as project leader: 1. Collection of information on the current process. 2. Documentation of the current process 3. Design and development of a dynamic solution to improve the current process. 4. Analysis, design, and development of an integration to include new suppliers such as Makro's distribution center. 5. Development of applications in Oracle Forms and Report 6i, development of solutions in PLSQL, handling of Shell, Proc, and Linux, for Makro Hypermarket, additional handling of daily incidents, and post-implementation of the MBS application. 6. Development of new solutions for the modules such as Supply chain, Credit, Pricing, Clients, and Billing, and defining new solutions of an evolutionary maintenance type, to optimize and improve the processes in Makro Hypermarket. 7. Generation and verification of the documentation on the functionality of the different modules managed in Makro Hypermarket, to help the end user understand the business and day-to-day processes.

KAVER-Consulting S.A. | Sep 2016 - Apr 2018

Back End Developer

Development of applications in Oracle Forms and Report 6i, development of solutions in PLSQL, handling of Shell, Proc, and Linux, for the client Makro Hypermarket, additional handling of daily incidents, and post-implementation of the MBS application.

Buenos Aires City Government | Feb 2015 - Sep 2016

PL/SQL Developer

Currently carried out projects: 1. Resource Management: elaboration of an automatic procedure (CRON) in PLSQL, to generate the parameterization of resource management, in order to keep track of the registration of obligations in the Ministry of Finance for the current year. Technologies used: PLSQL, Shell, batch, Forms, Reports, Transact-SQL, ProC.

Jobs Services | Aug 2014 - Jan 2015

PL/SQL Developer

BI Consultant Oracle, Dashboard, variables, and indicators. Oracle Consultant, skills and report form 6i, 10g; design and modification of reports and forms, creating PL, creation of anonymous blocks, analysis and development of different applications in Oracle Database, Shell.

global fusion solutions | Mar 2013 - Aug 2014

PL/SQL Developer

During the time I worked at the consulting firm Global Fusion Solution, CA, I carried out large-scale projects, which I highlight the most important: -Geographic Coordinates Project in the addresses of offices, clinics, and workshops: the creation of forms for the location of offices, clinics, and workshops through the loading of coordinates in Oracle 10g. - Migration project oracle6i to 11g application Acsel Seguros Caroni: a collection of information on the management of the Acsel application for the migration to a more updated version of oracle such as 11g. Management of the operation of the Acsel Application and business model in Seguros Caroni. -Commercial Insurance Forms Homologation Project: project defined for the unification of 7 forms in one, handling geolocation (GEOLAN), modification of reports, and optimization of procedures in Oracle 10g. -Movistar Project, test executor: test executor for the validation of a data package for the Movistar company. Managed tools CVSC+, HP QUALITY CENTER, PL SQL. -SFTP Project Seguros Mercantil, Project Leader: project based on configuration and update of shell and bash for information transfer via FTP (Currently) and SFTP (Proposal). -Banco de Venezuela trust project in Oracle Form and Report 6i: update of internal routines, forms, and reports for the Banco de Venezuela trust module. Technologies used: Oracle Forms and Reports 6i, 10g; ProC, Shell Scripts, Plsql and SQL.

Aptitude Sistemas 2012 C.A | Nov 2012 - Feb 2013

Lead Technical Specialist

- Coordinate and ensure compliance with policies for the infrastructure area. - Monitor and apply solutions to voice and data services allowing for detect failures, risks, and needs in the area. - Creation of contingency policies to maintain stable services. - Design and implement policies and improvements in data and voice infrastructure. - Design and modeling of WAN and LAN networks. - Management of MPLS. - Extensive knowledge of structured cabling.

Sanitas Venezuela | Jan 2010 - Nov 2012

Telecommunications Manager

For this position, the following activities of supervision, decision making, negotiation with suppliers, and design of annual budgets were carried out: - Administrative management: monthly billing of ISP providers, assignment of corporate equipment (Cell phones, Modems, VPN access, among others) - Management and supervision of telecommunications equipment (layer 2 and layer 3 switch, routers, firewall, analog trunks (PBX)). - Logical architecture design, creation of VLANS, segmentation, port security, backup policies for switches and routers. - Management of digital, analog, and IP telephone exchanges: Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic. - Inventory management and assignment of telephone extensions. - Creation and management of inventory lists of telephone codes. - Physical architecture design for structured cabling for the organization's offices. - Design budgets, negotiate with suppliers, restructure of the infrastructure of network (VLAN). - MPLS integration project between ISPs and the organization.

Sanitas Venezuela | Jul 2009 - Jan 2010

Telecommunications Analyst

For this position, the following technical activities were developed to support the supervisor or leader: - Configuration of telephone equipment in workstations. - Configuration of network points and voice. - Configuration of telephone extensions. - Telephone support. - Bitcarora of voice services such as telephone exchanges, updating of the telephone directory, and proper functioning of IP telephones. - Log of data services such as switches, routers, device inventory, support to the leader for equipment change, organized structured cabling, and support to the leader for activation of data points.

Sanitas Venezuela | Feb 2008 - Jul 2009

System Administrator

For this position, develop the following technical activities for the support of the supervisor or leader in the computer room area: - Server Review, through a log delivered to my supervisor daily. - Creation of corporate users in Active Directory, Exchange, LDAP. - Creation of working groups, security policies, and access to information. - Creation of backup policies for DB Servers, Windows, and Linux. - Management of Virtualization to manage the resources in the computer room. Some technologies you handle in this position: AIX servers, Linux, Windows Server 2000-2003-2008, Exchange, Apache,

My Education

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Systems Engineer (Not Completed), Information Technology in UniversityI.U.P Santiago Mariño | 2013
T.S.U Informatic Industrial Technology/Technician in UniversityI.U. T Rufino Blanco Fombona | 2006

About Me

daniel quintana

I like to solve different problems, find the cause, analyze, apply a good solution, and leave it automated in a process to avoid repetitive tasks. I like that coffee is the main oil for my brain.

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