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Rafael Uréndez

Rafael Uréndez

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Rafael Uréndez


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Introduction to ChatGPT

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Course Notes: ARIMA Models in Python

My New Workbook

Course Notes: Working with the OpenAI API

Quantitative chef, mixing variables and algorithms to create delectable insights.

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Introduction to ChatGPT


Course Notes: ARIMA Models in Python


Course Notes: Working with the OpenAI API

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IT Academy - Barcelona Activa | Mar 2023 - Mar 2023

Final Data Science Course Project (Time Series Analysis - Ecommerce)

exploratory data analysis (EDA) and to develop a model for accurately forecasting revenues for the upcoming month. The dataset extracted from Kaggle was limited, as it covered only four months, and I used techniques like SARIMAX to model and predict future revenues. Through EDA, the best-selling SKUs, sales trends based on color, and days with the highest sales were identified. This allowed the company to adjust their marketing strategies and email campaigns effectively. However, the SARIMAX model did not provide optimal results for revenue forecasting due to the lack of significant seasonal components and the substantial weight of the residual component. For the completion of this project, I utilized Python in the Jupyter Notebook environment and GitHub.
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Freelance | Apr 2009 - Present

Independent Sales Representative

• Accounting Control • Business Development (prospecting and new markets) • Sales Manager for Catalonia and Spain • Customer Service • Coordinated marketing campaigns with the brand departments represented • Prospecting for new potential clients • Sales tracking • Preparation of new fashion collections in collaboration with our manufacturers

dgé-plv | Mar 2006 - Jun 2008

Deputy Director

Objective: Manage production and team with the goal of professionalizing and growing the company. Responsibilities: • Shift from centralized management to decentralized management, empowering each area manager. • Rationalization of job positions based on tasks performed. • Coordination between departments and conflict resolution. • Personnel management. • Supervision of production management. • Analysis of internal tasks for the development of a custom ERP. Achievements: • Departmental restructuring. • Increased production in the handling section by incorporating new machinery. • Improved production and relationships between departments. • Launch of a new product line (permanent POS display).

Cynosure, Inc. | Jan 2003 - Sep 2004

Technical Service Engineer


SPIN Group | Dec 2000 - Dec 2002

Project Manager

Objective: Specify the automation and electrical control requirements for a 44- meter luxury yacht, and coordinate the work until its commissioning at the port of Tarragona. Responsibilities: • Coordinate a team of three engineers. • Develop electrical control through a network of redundant PLCs and PCs, as well as various control screens both on deck and inside the yacht. Centralized management of all the yacht's electrical devices. • Find suppliers and solutions for diverse topics such as fuel, hydraulics, wastewater, sanitary water, power generation, communication and navigation services, propulsion, and audio and video systems. • Control and supervision of subcontracted personnel performing work on board. Achievements: • Formation of a work team for future projects. • Dynamic and continuous acquisition of solutions according to the client's (also dynamic) requirements.

Tectrol, S.A. | Jun 1998 - May 2000

Project Engineer

Objective: Design and coordination of engineering projects in automation Functions: • Drafting project specifications in collaboration with the client. • Design of electrical schematics. • Programming of PLC networks (Programmable Logic Controllers). • Design and programming of SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). • Control and supervision of subcontractor work with the aim of resolving possible issues within the established timeframe. Achievements: • Completion of automation projects for companies such as Procter & Gamble and Nestlé, in projects involving bleach packaging lines, detergent production mixers, continuous blending, shipping lines, automatic pipeline cleaning, and fermentation processes. • Start-up of projects and delivery of documentation to the client.

Tintes Viscolán, S.A. | Oct 1996 - Jun 1998

Responsable técnico

Objective: Collaborate with technical automation tasks in the maintenance department and provide support in the IT department Functions/Achievements: • Implement and coordinate an automation application (PLCs, SCADA) for the improvement of the water purification process (industrial dyeing plant). • Develop applications for the improvement and monitoring of production using tools such as Interbase in a UNIX environment, to enhance system usability. • Provide assistance to administrative processes within the computer system.

Gumix | Jan 1992 - Sep 1996

Responsable Oficina Técnica

Objective: Design and oversee the execution of automation projects for machinery built in the technical department of the company. Functions/Achievements: • Manage electrical projects for the automation of machinery and production lines. • Create electrical schematics, material lists, and program PLC networks, SCADA, among others. • Supervise the design and workshop personnel in the assembly process. • Manage technical assistance and start-ups. • Control planning, delivery times, and documentation generation. • Execute projects in different countries such as Spain, France, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, and Mexico, among others.

My Education

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Business Intelligence with Power BI IT Academy de Barcelona Activa | 2023
Data Science en Python IT Academy de Barcelona Activa | 2023
Java Programming Fundamentals Course IT Academy de Barcelona Activa | 2022
Master, Executive MBAEADA Business School | 2006
Techincal Engineering (Electronics), EngineeringUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya | 1987

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Rafael Uréndez

Data Scientist | Data Analyst | Python | SQL | BI | MBA | Engineer

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