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Gener Ramirez

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II | Philippines


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Curious explorer of data landscapes, seeking hidden treasures.

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Understanding Data Engineering


Understanding Artificial Intelligence


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Refocus Digital Academy Completed the Core and Advanced Tracks of Data Analysis

University of the Philippines Open University Business Analytics Concepts and Frameworks

MF Treinamentos Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Department of Information and Communications Technology Excelerate Your Career: Mastering Microsoft Excel with the MO 200 Certification Training

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Al-Anaiah International Company Ltd | Sep 2010 - Mar 2022

Senior Application Specialist / Senior Quality Control

Duties & Responsibilities - Conduct trial runs of programs and software applications to ensure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct as per the client’s requests. - Quality Control of the programs coded by the programmers. - Record the problems encountered after testing. - Consult with the managerial and software developers to clarify program intent, identify problems and suggest changes. - Conduct training for software users such as Clerks, Nurses, and Doctors. - Create and contribute to instructions or manuals to guide end users. - Investigate whether networks, workstations, the central processing unit of the system, and/or peripheral equipment are responding to the program.
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Al-Anaiah International Company Ltd | Oct 2009 - Mar 2022

Technical Support

Duties & Responsibilities - Respond to requests for technical assistance in person, via phone, and e- mail. - Analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues encountered by clients. - Install, maintain, and troubleshoot hardware used in the hospital such as Barcode machines, Printers, Foot Pedal, Speech Mic, Scanners, Barcode Scanner, and Laboratory Analyzers. - Remotely configure and troubleshoot client issues (using TeamViewer or AnyDesk application). - Escalates the issue to the Project Manager, in the event the issue cannot be resolved. - Utilize the In-house program to record the problems and solutions to the issues encountered. - Update training manuals and user guides for new and revised software and hardware. - Conduct training for software users such as Clerks, Secretaries, Nurses, Radiologists, and Doctors.

Al-Anaiah International Company Ltd | Oct 2008 - Mar 2022

Help Desk Specialist

Duties & Responsibilities - Respond to requests for technical assistance in person, via phone, and e- mail. - Advise the client on appropriate action. - Follow the standard help desk as per the company standard procedures. - Log all help desk interactions in the in-house helpdesk software. - Follow up with customers and users to ensure complete resolution of issues. - Redirect problems to correct resources if needed. - Identify and escalate situations requiring urgent attention. - Provide monthly reports and inform the management of recurring problems. - Track and route problems and requests and document resolutions. - Stay current with system information, changes, and updates.

Test Solution Services, Inc. | Jul 2007 - Feb 2008

Burn-in-Board (BIB) Process/Mechanical Analyst (2nd man)

Duties & Responsibilities - Diagnose problems on bibs, recommend solutions, and determine whether program or board requirements have been met. - Provide an immediate plan to conduct tests and evaluations on socket and Bib improvement. - Bearer of Socket Utilization Metric of BIB Management Engineering. - Recommends methods for improving worker efficiency and reducing waste of materials and utilities, such as restructuring job duties, reorganizing workflow, relocating workstations, and equipment. - Standardize testing of bibs and products to be referred to the Quality Assurance team. - Plans utilization of facilities, equipment, materials, and personnel to improve the efficiency of operations. - Create effective and useful procedures based on the findings established to provide containment, corrective action, and preventive actions. - Define and document product requirements. - Coordinate with engineering leaders to create implementation schedules. - Acts as a resource to other leads of engineering. - Coach teams on engineering processes and problem domains. - Facilitate team collaboration and communication. - Recommend reprioritizations to mitigate unforeseen problems. - Submit, generate and update reports for the department and customer. - Complies with all the specifications and standard operating procedures in the operation area including housekeeping (5S+1). - Ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures including all requirements on 5S, safety, security, and all other company and management guidelines.

Test Solution Services, Inc. | Sep 2006 - Jul 2007

Burn-in-Board (BIB) Analyst

Duties and Responsibilities - Perform Failure analysis, troubleshooting, and repair of burn-in boards and sockets. - Develops, evaluates, and improves manufacturing methods, utilizing knowledge of product design, materials, and parts, fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment capabilities, assembly methods, and quality control standards. - Provide an immediate plan to do some tests and evaluations regarding socket and Bib improvement. - Generates an action plan to prevent the increasing number of board problems or socket degradation. - Provides suggestions and recommendations to OP-Tech. for socket isolation improvement. - Communicate priorities and execute proper endorsement of issues and activities as often needed during shift changes and break times. - Complies with all the specifications and standard operating procedures in the operation area including housekeeping (5S+1). - Submit, generate and update reports for in and out of Bibs and action required for the department.

My Education

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Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication EngineeringUniversity of Baguio, Philippines

About Me

Gener Ramirez

I’m passionate about data analysis, transforming raw data into actionable insights. My expertise comes from a data analytics course and practical experience. I specialize in helping businesses make informed decisions using data-driven strategies.

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