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Randy Velasco

Randy Velasco

Data Engineer

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Real-Time Stock Market Project with Using Kafka at main · randyvelasco/Portfolio-Projects · GitHub

Quantitative detective, uncovering the truth hidden in the depths of data.

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Project: Analyze International Debt Statistics


Getting Started with Data Pipelines for ETL


Project: When Was the Golden Era of Video Games?


Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market


Project: Analyzing Students' Mental Health


Project: Evaluate a Manufacturing Process


Real-Time Stock Market Project with Using Kafka at main · randyvelasco/Portfolio-Projects · GitHub

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

Development Academy of the Philippines Data Engineer - Pathway Completion Certificate

Datacamp Data Engineer - Pathway Completion Certificate

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My Work Experience

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Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) | Apr 2023 - Present

Data Engineer

- Designed and implemented a data warehouse for a small medical clinic, featuring the creation of normalized and dimensional models (OLTP and OLAP) using PostgreSQL. - Constructed Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) to visually represent entity relationships and attributes. - Developed PostgreSQL scripts to establish relational databases. - Engineered PostgreSQL scripts to execute the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process, ensuring seamless data migration from the database to the data warehouse."
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Cisco Networking Academy | Apr 2023 - Present

Cyber Security Engineer


Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) | Apr 2023 - Present

Data Engineer

- Conducted web scraping projects in Python, extracting valuable data from 15 hotels, 5 tourist destinations, and various restaurants across the Philippines. - Utilized the Beautiful Soup library to capture information such as hotel details, tourist site ratings, and restaurant specifics. - Organized and stored the extracted data in Excel for analysis and future reference.

Refocus | Nov 2022 - Jul 2023

Data Analyst

Developed an Interactive Power BI Dashboard for Olist Store - Spearheaded the design and implementation of an interactive Power BI dashboard for Olist Store, a leading Brazilian e-commerce platform. - Analyzed a comprehensive dataset encompassing over 100,000 orders placed between 2016 and 2018 across multiple marketplaces in Brazil. - Conducted in-depth investigations into product volume, sales performance, customer ratings, delivery timelines, and product quality. - Calculated DAX measures to track seller dispatch times, carrier delivery times, and negative customer reviews. - Identified product categories with higher customer dissatisfaction rates and generated actionable insights to improve product quality. - Submitted detailed findings and recommendations to enhance the e- commerce operations of the company

Refocus | Nov 2022 - Jul 2023

Data Analyst

At a medical company, I leveraged the cloud-based Clockster app for managing human resource records and monitoring employee attendance. In response to the CEO's inquiries, our aim was to gain deeper insights into employee and departmental performance. The workflow included: - Analyzing CEO questions to establish objectives and address inquiries through data analysis. - Aligning data analysis goals with the CEO's objectives. - Utilizing Power BI to analyze data, involving the loading of Excel files and employing Power Query for data cleansing. - Implementing Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to calculate measures. - Extracting valuable insights from the analysis and furnishing the CEO with answers and recommendations. Skills Demonstrated: - Data Visualization - Microsoft Excel - Microsoft Power BI - Analytical Skills - Data Modeling - Power Query - Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation | Apr 2019 - Oct 2022

Project Engineer

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop detailed project plans, technical specifications, and equipment procurement strategies. • Acted as project engineer, overseeing television and radio transmission projects for the company. • Handled the technical and engineering facets of the projects. • Functioned as the primary point of contact for stakeholders. • Ensured regulatory compliance by taking part in the process of providing the licensing requirements, frequency allocations, and safety standards. • Oversaw the on-site installation, commissioning, and quality control to ensure adherence to project specifications. • Maintained vigilant oversight of project progress, ensuring adherence to the approved project timeline. • Proactively identified and mitigated project risks, maintaining contingency plans to address unforeseen challenges. • Managed testing and commissioning efforts, optimizing transmitter systems for peak performance and signal quality. • Maintained comprehensive project documentation, including technical specifications, equipment manuals, and progress reports. • Formulated and submitted comprehensive weekly project status reports to management. • Provided detailed accounts of challenges faced, along with the corresponding solutions and mitigation strategies for delays. • Participated in routine meetings with stakeholders to address project-related concerns and strategize optimal approaches to achieve project goals. • Ensured safety compliance during project execution, minimizing risks to personnel and addressing safety concerns. • Contributed to knowledge transfer and training sessions for operational and maintenance staff.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation | Aug 2012 - Oct 2022

Research And Development Engineer

- Conducted research and operational planning for system improvements, technology adoption, and efficient implementation. - Stay up-to-date on the latest broadcast technologies. This includes reading industry publications, attending conferences, and participating in training programs. - Work with other engineers to develop and implement new broadcast systems. This includes collaborating with other engineers to design, build, and test new systems. - Write technical documentation for broadcast systems - Advocating for the adoption of new broadcast technologies. This includes working with government agencies, regulators, and broadcasters to encourage the adoption of new technologies. - Present technical findings to management and other stakeholders. This includes presenting research findings, technical specifications, and project plans. Key Projects: 1. Designed proposal for Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) using fiber optic cable and IP radio. 2. Conducted assessment and evaluation of equipment for superior audio quality in broadcasting. 4. Implemented Data Broadcast via ISDB-T for digital TV using Broadcast Markup Laguage (BML). 5. Evaluated H.264 encoders and multiplexers for high-quality ISDB-T transmission. 6. Conducted evaluation of on-premise and cloud storage systems tailored to broadcast media needs, including Media Asset Management. 7. Conducted frequency planning and interference studies for new TV and radio transmission stations under EBC. 8. Facilitated regulatory compliance through NTC license applications as Company PECE of EBC. 9. Led projects as project engineer for NET25, Eagle FM, and Radyo Agila's Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming service. 10. Headed the transformative 48-core Fiber Optic backbone project, enhancing the network's infrastructure. 11. Designed proposal for a high-impact Full-HD video playout via 10G Network, media storage and archiving project.

Penafrancia Broadcasting Corporatoin | May 2017 - Nov 2019

Technical Consultant

- Designed a proposal outlining the strategic approach for the company's nationwide radio and TV transmission projects, with a focus on leveraging satellite services as the primary infrastructure for transmitting content from studios to TV and radio transmitters. - Acted as the company's designated technical expert during critical processes, including franchise renewal discussions and applications for nationwide expansion. This role involved participation in a Senate Committee for Public Affairs hearing. - Served as the company's technical representative in a Congressional Hearing hosted at the Batasang Pambansa, playing a pivotal role in discussions related to franchise renewal and the pursuit of nationwide expansion.

Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP), Inc. | Jun 2012 - Present

Electronics Engineering Consultant

• Conduct a thorough examination of the design and specifications of electronics systems to ensure compliance with the established standards outlined in the Philippine Electronics Code. • Affix signature and seal on electronics engineering plans and specifications of diverse clients for permit applications in governmental organizations. During my tenure as a Design Engineer and Installation Supervisor, I collaborated with multiple contractors to evaluate, assess, sign, and seal electronics engineering plans and related documents for permit applications with various government institutions. These documents include Electronics Permit, Bill of Materials, Technical Specifications, Certificate of Completion and Safety (related to IT Systems, fire alarm and detection, RF communications, digital signages and billboards, etc). I have engaged in consultation projects with the following industries and companies: Food and Restaurants: - Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich Pizza, Bulalo World, Nestle Business Services, Pepper Lunch Restaurant Boutiques and Stores: - Penshoppe, Regatta, Memo Boutique, World Balance Store, Payless Shoesource, Unica Hija Salon, Watsons Drug, SM Hypermart Hotel and Tourism: - Resorts World Schools: - University of the East, Rizal Technological University Financial Institutions: - Bank of the Philippine Islands, Robinsons Bank, Eastwest Bank, Bloomberg Philippines Government: - Makati City LGU, Philippine International Convention Center Automotive, Engineering and Construction: - Fluor Daniel Inc. Philippines, Philippine EDS Techno-Service Inc., CATS Motor Phils. Advertising/Marketing: - Marketing Convergence International (SM Advantage) Electrical and Industrial: - Eaton Cooper, Mindanao Geothermal Production Field, Sunpower Philippines Manufacturing, EDMI Philippines, Inc., Smart Electronics Manufacturing Services Philippines Inc., Japan Tobacco International. Logistics: - Lima Logistics Corp. BPO: - IGT Solutions

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation | Apr 2009 - Oct 2022

Data Broadcast Engineer

- Spearheaded the pioneering efforts in data broadcasting, specifically Datacasting, utilizing the Japanese DTV standard known as ISDB-T. - Distinguished as the trailblazer who conceived and executed ISDB-T datacasting in the Philippines, exclusively in the English language, positioning our operations a remarkable two years ahead of competing TV networks in the region. - Displayed a commitment to professional growth by participating in comprehensive training on Datacasting Authoring, leveraging the Broadcast Markup Language (BML), during an immersive experience in Tokyo, Japan.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation | Aug 1998 - Mar 2016

Lotus Notes/Domino Application Developer

• Innovatively designed, developed, and meticulously managed a diverse array of Lotus Notes databases to address multifaceted business needs, including sales and marketing, HR operations, media library cataloging, news department script and rundown management, document approval workflows, inventory tracking, visitor management, and logistics applications. • Engineered intuitive and user-friendly database entry forms, ensuring seamless data input with precision, while also tailoring data fields to match specific requirements. • Pioneered the creation of a dynamic and web-based Sales Dashboard, integrating the robust capabilities of Lotus Notes Database via XML coding, providing real-time insights for the sales team and stakeholders. • Masterfully crafted complex formulas and XML scripts, enabling the automation of mathematical and logical functions within the databases, thereby streamlining processes and enhancing data accuracy. • Leveraged effective communication and presentation skills to educate both management and employees on the functionalities and utilities of these databases, empowering them to maximize their potential for efficiency and productivity gains.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation | Mar 2011 - Aug 2012

Satellite Uplink Supervisor

ensuring flawless content transmission for Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and its sister company - Christian Era Broadcasting Company, Inc. • Led a multifaceted team of technicians, overseeing satellite dish installation, alignment, and maintenance, all while managing scheduling and performance evaluations to ensure top-tier service quality. • Collaborated seamlessly with network producers to streamline content delivery, guaranteeing on-time broadcasts and a seamless viewer experience. • Managed equipment procurement, maintenance, and upgrades, ensuring a state-of-the-art uplink facility. • Proactively identified and implemented process improvements, reducing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency. • Established and maintained strong partnerships with satellite service providers, negotiating contracts to optimize service quality and cost- effectiveness. • Regularly conducted training sessions for uplink technicians to keep the team up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in satellite communication. • Generated comprehensive reports on uplink performance, system status, and cost analysis, providing critical insights for informed decision-making. • Assumed a pivotal role in disaster recovery planning, guaranteeing uninterrupted broadcast services during emergencies. • Upheld the highest standards of safety and security in satellite uplink operations, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and company policies.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation | Mar 2006 - Mar 2011

Management Information Systems (MIS) Supervisor

• Spearheaded the creation of Lotus Notes Databases to drive operational excellence within the organization. • Orchestrated and mentored a dynamic team of web developers, overseeing every facet of web design, coding, publishing, and continuous maintenance for our corporate website. • Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams, including program producers, sales and marketing experts, and news and public affairs professionals, ensuring the seamless publication and real-time updates of critical content on our web platform. • Delivered weekly executive briefings to management, offering invaluable insights into website performance, visitor analytics, and user behavior gleaned from Google Analytics.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation | Mar 2003 - Mar 2008

ENPS System Administrator

- Managed the ENPS newsroom automation system, a key component utilized by the company's news and public affairs programs across television and radio platforms. - Conducted routine server system administration, ensuring its smooth operation. This encompassed maintenance tasks, user access configurations, program setups, and script configurations. - Successfully integrated the ENPS system with various third-party systems, including teleprompter solutions (AutoScript), video server systems (Pinnacle Thunder), CG systems (DekoCast), and news wire providers such as Reuters and Associated Press. This integration enhanced the overall efficiency and functionality of the newsroom automation system.

INC Central Office | Mar 1995 - Aug 1998

PABX System Engineer

Central Office. - Oversaw the procurement and inventory management of PABX system equipment and essential supplies, including telephone sets, operator consoles, cables, multiplexers, and power systems. - Collaborated with public telephone service providers to establish trunkline connectivity. - Designed and maintained a comprehensive Foxpro database containing extensive information about PABX subscribers, trunk lines, local lines, system ports, and telephone equipment inventory. - Executed data extraction, transformation, and loading processes for daily telephone call data, followed by in-depth analysis. - Produced reports and data visualizations based on call activity data using MS Excel for effective communication of findings.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Business Analytics Concepts and Framework University of the Philippines Open University | 2023
Data EngineeringDevelopment Academy of the Philippines (DAP) | 2023
Data Engineering, Data Modeling/Warehousing and Database AdministrationDataCamp | 2023
Cybersecurity Cisco Networking Academy | 2023
BS Electronics and Communications, Engineering, Electronics and Communications EngineeringNew Era University | 1994
Various Courses in Data Science, AI, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Personal DevelopmentUdemy

About Me

Randy Velasco

Passionate about data science for its power to uncover insights, drive informed decisions, and solve complex problems. I thrive on transforming raw data into meaningful information that fuels innovation and facilitates strategic business growth.

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