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Rhye Gordon

Rhye Gordon


Director of Data Science

Lendem Solutions | Fort Worth, Texas


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Champion of data integrity, ensuring accuracy in the age of information overload.

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LENDEM SOLUTIONS | Jul 2020 - Present

Director Data Science & Risk Management

• Develop comprehensive daily dashboards using MySQL, Python, and Tableau, providing vital performance insights for strategic decision-making. • Direct a team of three analysts to engineer seven performance models, leveraging machine learning and graph databases to improve risk prediction, customer acquisition, and profitability. • Revamp the DM acquisition strategy, tripling volume while halving costs, and maintaining steady default performance. • Collaborate with customer service to transition customers to new products from a sun setting portfolio, successfully retaining 64% of the existing customer base. • Engineer and manage a third-party vendor database, automating XML data integration into MySQL to facilitate efficient data access for modeling. • Establish reporting tables for dynamic loan vintage performance analysis, leveraging snapshot data from loan management systems. • Create and automate a skip tracing program, significantly increasing right- party contact rates for collections. • Hold weekly performance review meetings with the owner and CFO, offering data-driven recommendations for business advancement.
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Elevate | Jan 2016 - Jul 2020

Senior Risk Analyst

• Expertly crafted acquisition strategies using proprietary models and bureau data to successfully identify and acquire high-performing customers in the subprime market. • Developed vintage-level key risk indicators, enabling management to ensure performance alignment with expectations. • Designed comprehensive stress tests for strategic campaigns to accurately capture assumptions and generate forecasts. • Skillfully wrangled, cleaned, and aggregated data for vital risk governance metrics. • Established and automated criteria for credit line modifications based on historical and third-party data, ensuring dynamic response to market changes. • Spearheaded direct mail campaigns for lines of credit, resulting in an 18% increase in customer engagement and a 32% boost in utilization. • Mentored and trained new analysts, aligning their skills and knowledge with management's expectations.

Elevate | Dec 2014 - Jan 2016

Portfolio Analyst

• Developed a customer collectability model to guide collection agents and set recovery expectations, enhancing efficiency in collection processes. • Designed and implemented innovative collections strategies, achieving a 400 basis point improvement in late-stage roll rates for a $300 million portfolio. • Oversaw the creation and enhancement of a suite of campaign performance reports, significantly improving the monitoring of monthly A/B testing outcomes

GM Financial | Sep 2013 - Dec 2014

Credit Risk Analyst II


GM Financial | Jun 2011 - Sep 2013

Credit Risk Analyst

• Assisted in rapid model development for forecasting troubled debt under new accounting standards. • Updated and validated roll rate models, tracked variances, and produced deliverables. • Built forecasts for individual assumptions in roll rate and vintage models. • Presented and defended assumption changes to upper-level management.

Medical Alliance Services | Jan 2011 - Jun 2011

Operations Manager

Created an oraganized information management system that allowed all sales repersenatives the document and video support they needed. Ran three informative webinars that led to increased sales volume. Maintained demo resources and organized the distribution of said resources.

Buxton | Sep 2010 - Dec 2010

Research Intern

Construct Client Deliverables Assist Model Construction

QBOS Inc | May 2010 - Sep 2010

Jr. Business Analyst

Designed applications and processes for work flow automation Manage the release of software updates Write white papers to help clients become more effective at using QBOS e.g. Best Practices for BPM Using QBOS

My Education

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MBA in Master of Business AdministrationUniversity of North Texas | 2011
BS in Decision ScienceUniversity of North Texas | 2009

About Me

Rhye Gordon

With over 13 years of experience in data science and risk management, I excel at applying machine learning and analytics to improve decision-making and profitability. Skilled in Python, SQL, and SAS, I've led teams towards groundbreaking achievement.

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