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Ria Gathright

Ria Gathright

Senior Analyst, Distribution Compliance



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Introduction to SQL


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Rice University Data Analysis and Visualization

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Hilton | Aug 2022 - Present

Senior Analyst, Distribution Compliance

Proven expertise in data modeling, enhancing organizational efficiency, and encompassing the design and implementation of robust database structures to optimize data storage and retrieval. Adept in database management, with a track record of administering and fine-tuning relational databases, ensuring data consistency, security, and high availability. Proficiency in SQL query language, performance tuning, and data backup and recovery strategies, resulting in streamlined data management processes and reduced downtime. Developing reports to optimize rate parity monitoring, visualizing core team metrics and KPIs to support business reviews with organizational leadership and ensure data-driven insights for decision-making. Managing a large-scale data migration, ensuring data documentation and designing data solutions using Redshift and S3 with extensive experience in data integration through ETL processes for informed decision-making.
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Hilton | Jan 2022 - Aug 2022

Analyst, Distribution Compliance

Administered comprehensive gap analyses to identify issues impacting the current state of data, process, and technology. Established a strategic perspective on data needs, designs, work breakdowns, and roadmaps, focusing on incremental value and project alignment. Produced strategic reports for leadership to support departmental and business objectives and conducted root cause analyses. Developed compliance guides, initiatives, and training materials and presented them to relevant stakeholders. Provided ongoing support by addressing inquiries, maintaining open lines of communication, collaborating with the team, discovering critical issues, implementing solutions, expanding resources, and advancing team capabilities.

Hilton | Dec 2017 - Jan 2022

Reporting Coordinator

Utilized SQL to perform in-depth analyses of user data and provide actionable insights to drive improvements. Led annual audit projects for ingestion of Third party agency reports, took ownership of projects by driving current state understanding of data, process, and architecture, conducted impact analysis within the scope of the audits. Collaborated with data teams and internal partners from various departments, including Development and Global Sales Audit, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end data lifecycle. Monitored output from Salesforce systems, provided proactive solutions for issues, completed A/B testing, and collaborated with the development team to improve systemwide errors, then validated data to ensure quality and integrity. Worked effectively with both technical and non-technical teams to understand data and business processes, facilitating streamlined data integration and project alignment. Documented the existing technical landscape across the enterprise and legacy data artifacts, enabling informed decision-making for new project architectures and analytical reporting. Conducted training sessions on data governance best practices and policies across the Sales Support department.

YMCA of the Rockies | May 2017 - Aug 2017

Assistant Office Manager for Housekeeping

I successfully organized and managed 8 to 15 crews throughout shifts, ensuring timely completion of tasks by the end of the day. I provided exceptional customer service by assisting guests and addressing inquiries from crew leaders. My proven ability to work efficiently in fast-paced environments while maintaining focus on tasks allowed me to optimize procedures and update processes for improved efficiency. I demonstrated meticulous attention to detail in performing quality assurance checks, ensuring high standards were met. Moreover, I effectively managed multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritized them for maximum productivity. A notable accomplishment was leading the transition to a paperless practice by implementing an electronic tracking system for Lost & Found, resulting in a faster and more accurate system for managing items, revitalizing the overall management process.

Mayborn School of Journalism at UNT | Aug 2013 - Jan 2017

Student Office Assistant

I successfully fielded calls, answered inquiries, and served as the department's primary receptionist. I proficiently composed documents using Microsoft Word and Excel, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail. I efficiently managed the staff resource room, including operating the copier, organizing files, and running errands as needed. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in training new hires, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. My diverse skill set and dedication to efficient office operations contributed to the smooth functioning of the department and overall success of the team.

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Hospitality Management, Hospitality Administration/ ManagementUniversity of North Texas | 2017

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