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Robert Hornegold

Robert Hornegold

Analytics Director

EssenceMediacom | London


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EssenceMediacom | Oct 2022 - Present

Analytics Associate Director | Google & YouTube EMEA

Managed a team working with Google, YouTube and Fitbit EMEA ($50m+ annual marketing budget), specializing in Python, R and Google Marketing Platform: ● Improved ROAS of SEM activity by 650% and reduced CPS from $60+ to $10 through A/B testing and bidding strategy optimization. ● Trained 15+ internal teams across NA,EMEA & APAC on attribution modeling, conversion lift studies, brand lift studies, MMT/Geo-Tests and audience targeting, improving the analytical offering to clients globally. ● Developed a new model for estimating incremental sales in real-time, previously only available as a quarterly lookback, increasing incremental ad-revenue by 80%. ● Advanced audience targeting using user-level data in a privacy-centric environment, reducing wasted ad budget targeting out-of-market or non-buyers, saving the agency $200k per quarter. ● Improved reporting accuracy of 60% of SLAs by QAing analytical processes within 2 months of employment
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EssenceMediacom | Oct 2021 - Sep 2022

Analytics Manager | Google EMEA


dentsu | Jun 2019 - Sep 2021

Senior Data Analyst

Led several high-profile projects including marketing network meta-analysis, national TV ad optimization, marketing portfolio strategy and A/B testing: ● Marketing Network Meta-analysis allowed Twitter to better understand how its platform benefits advertisers by determining expected user behavior, using insights from its 30 largest advertisers. ● National TV ad optimization led to an increase of 50% in ROI for the AA and saw valuable airtime prioritized to better-performing creatives and ad-lengths. ● Analyzed M&S annual marketing budget ($500m), oversaw a 10% ROI increase through ad-laydown analysis. ● Improved CTR by an average of 41% for Hammerson, Barratt and Diageo through SEM creative testing A/B testing of SEM ad-copies, developed test and learn plans to roadmap further wins. ● Mentored four junior team members on predictive modeling techniques for digital marketing such as multivariate regression, decision trees and cluster analysis.

Heriot-Watt University | Jan 2018 - Jun 2019

Econometrician & Associate Researcher

Led and responsible for economic data research projects for clients partnering with Heriot-Watt University: ● Published a report for policymakers and investors using Vector Autoregression (VAR) analysis to measure the impact of energy price shocks on the financial markets of the US, UK, China, EU, and Russia. Presented findings at the CFE-CMStatistics conference in Pisa to an audience of 1,500. ● Conducted economic impact reports for $5m+ national events using survey data of 5k+ respondents, cohort analysis and logistic regression resulting in the establishment of events on a yearly basis. ● Provided internal data science consulting support and training to 15+ post- graduates and research fellows.

ConcordML | Jul 2013 - Mar 2018

Research Strategy Consultant

Provided data analytics & strategic marketing services to small and medium- sized businesses: ● Helped scale a startup to $100k in monthly advertising spend across social media and google platforms, generating over $320k revenue per month. ● Transformed business ETL processes and automated tasks, saving an average of 50 work hours per month and reducing data-entry errors by 95%. ● Created a range of market analysis reports, assisting 3 companies with their go-to-market strategy, working with a range of stakeholders including data scientists, marketers, and senior executives.

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Master of Science (MSc), Energy with Economics  · (SeptemberHeriot-Watt University | 2016
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with Honours, Mathematics and EconomicsThe University of Stirling | 2013

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