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Data Analyst

My New Track

SQL Server Developer

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Data Literacy

Data Literacy

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Datacamp Data Analyst with SQL Server

Datacamp Data Analyst with Python

Datacamp Data Scientist with Python

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My Work Experience

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Applaudo | May 2022 - Jul 2023

Data Engineer

* Worked with stakeholders from C-level and Management teams to develop strategic and tactical dashboards in Power BI and Grafana with data hosted on BigQuery, implementing ETL processes using SQL to uncover insights and help make informed decisions based on data. This also helped in identifying the most important KPIs for the business. * Collaborated on a large project to migrate a data warehouse to a data lake in Cloud Storage working closely with data owners of data marts to ensure data quality and proper loading, following the guidelines of the data governance team. This involved building data pipelines using ETL processes to load data into BigQuery using multiple additional Google Cloud services (Cloud functions, Cloud Scheduler, Secret Manager) connecting data sources through APIs with Python, SQL and Bash. * Automated a manual data ingestion process with Power BI, connecting to the BigCommerce API. This reduced data retrieval from once a day (before) to being available at any time with a single click (now), and enabled the management team to make better business decisions on near real-time information in reports.
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Arkano Software | Aug 2021 - May 2022

Software Developer

* Helped with building strategic, tactical and operational dashboards for different stakeholders of the company, reducing the number of bugs found in the code and data processing time by modeling data in Power Query and reducing the number of fine-tuning steps or tweaking them in Power BI. * Replaced a complex data pipeline hosted in Tableau with a notebook in Databricks using Python and PySpark, reducing data processing time by 10x by distributing tasks across multiple nodes in a cluster. * Assisted debugging a pdf file import process in preprocessing step for an NLP model by implementing unit tests with pytest in Python. * Developed a strategic dashboard in Power BI with data hosted on SQL Server, using the git-flow methodology with Azure DevOps under a tight schedule successfully.

Pago Express | Aug 2020 - Jul 2021

Business Intelligence Analyst

* Responded to specific BI requests from sales, marketing, and other teams, generating new insights with requested information according to the KPIs tracked by each team. * Automated ETL processes using DDL, DML and DQL languages in Oracle SQL and Python. This also included automating static reports generation.

Big Data Machine | Aug 2019 - Nov 2020

Data Analyst

* Analyzed data from social network users and internal financial data using DQL in MySQL. Also developed database objects, including tables, views and CTEs (Common Table Expressions) with DDL and DML languages. * Automated ETL and chart generation data pipelines using R and Python, saving several hours of manual work previously done in Excel.

LCR SAECA | Sep 2017 - Jul 2019

Business Intelligence Analyst

* Automated ETL processes using Power BI, DQL in SQL and Python to generate static reports for CEO, managers and team leaders. * Generated reports, dashboards and ad hoc analysis for CEO, managers and internal clients (sales, marketing, operations, HR and others) in order to keep track of each team KPIs to make informed decisions with data. * Developed a dashboard that saved a co-worker 4 days of work per month automating data pipelines with SQL, Python and Power BI.

Advance Business Advisors | Mar 2017 - Sep 2017

Business Analyst

* Analyzed customer sales and financial datasets with Excel to make aggregated data available to non-technical staff. As a result, a financial deficit was discovered in an operational area of a customer in the restaurant business. * Automated several customer operational processes using Excel and pivot tables. This also featured the generation of dashboards using advanced filtering and data segmentation.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

MITx on edX
Universidad Tecnológica de Uruguay (UTEC)
Bachelor in EconomicsUniversidad Nacional de Asunción | 2023

About Me

Gustavo Collar

Data Engineer with 5+ years in data engineering, data analytics and BI. Solid knowledge in the most used tools (Python, SQL, Git, Power BI, Excel). +4 years developing data pipelines and automating processes. Experienced as well using GCP services.

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