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Ronald Rivera

Ronald Rivera

Data Analyst

Ganadero Bank


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Introduction to Python

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

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Data Scientist

I possess a strong set of soft skills that enable me to effectively communicate my findings and collaborate with cross-functional teams. I have excellent problem-solving abilities, and I am able to think critically to identify opportunities for process improvement. I have strong attention to detail, ensuring that my analyses are accurate and reliable. Furthermore, I am a skilled communicator, able to explain complex data concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Finally, I am a self-starter who is comfortable working independently or as part of a team, and I am always eager to learn and improve my skills.

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Joining Data with pandas


Introduction to Python


Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

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Military School of Engineering "Mcal. Antonio José de Sucre" | Jul 2020 - Jul 2021


Teaching course Database III and information analysis 6th semester. Emerging technologies and applications of Data Base. Data Warehouse. Data Mining.
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University for Development and Innovation | Aug 2018 - Dec 2018


Teaching the subject "Voice Services Administration". Module 1 Describes functional and technical specifications of analog telephony and IP telephony. Describes the protocols of IP telephony and VoIP networks. Describes the Quality of Service parameters of telephone networks within a data network. Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of implementing telephony and VoIP in an organization. Design an IP telephony system considering the requirements of an organization. Module 2 Practical module in the design and implementation of solutions over Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. Module 3 Characteristics and properties of Cisco terminal devices and its 3 solutions for VoIP. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition.

Ganadero Bank | Nov 2017 - Present

Data Analytics / Data Scientist

Strategic data analysis to improve the bank's objectives, campaigns and decision making. Responsible for list extraction, report generation and customer research to be managed. Support Marketing's strategic initiatives to highlight the bank's products to the most appropriate audiences, segments and customers. Analysis for the creation of reports on segment and product campaigns. Segmentation of the universe of customers and potential customers for new products according to different analysis criteria for the study of the same. Support of queries for Commercial Management and Control of Commercial Objectives. Data extraction and generation of strategic reports to enhance decision making. Loading of commercial management and campaigns through CRM. Coordination with the technology area to improve Business Intelligence management. Support to the Marketing area for data interpretation, decision making, analysis and data management. Tool administrator for mass mailing marketing to customers according to intelligent segmentation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM. - Microsoft SharePoint. - Microsoft SQL Server 2017. - Microsoft SSIS, SSRS, SSAS. - Multidimensional and tabular cubes. - Power Pivot. - Microsoft Power Business Intelligence. - R - Microsoft Power Builder. - MasterBase - Massive mailing sending

Huawei Technologies | Jul 2016 - Apr 2017

Project Manager in Enterprise area

Responsible for managing the resources for IT projects and controlling their correct implementation. Coordinate with the client, internal team and cooperators so that the project is developed and executed correctly. I participated in two Huawei projects with Entel S.A., which was the direct client, performing control and administration tasks as Implementation Manager and then as Project Manager. Project 551 It was a project of integration of extra rural areas through cellular telephony and internet by installing 551 radio bases that communicate with the Tupac Katari satellite. The solution was two omnidirectional antennas of Tx and Rx plus the energized either by 12 solar panels or by AC energy. The telephony was over 2G and Entel plans to install internet modules in the future to provide service to these communities. In project 551 my position was Implementation Manager controlling all the installations in the eastern part of the country. Cost of the project 15MM dollars. IP School Project This project was to provide internet service to 423 rural and urban public schools in the country through 350 radio bases that were connected by fiber optics to the schools. The solution involved the installation of a router in the school that was connected through FO to the radio base where a switch was installed.

FIE Bank S.A. | Mar 2011 - Feb 2016

Communications and Network Analyst

Coordinate, control, improve and regulate the different technical and administrative activities of the Networks and Communications area that allow the execution of the service provision processes, supervising and evaluating the execution of the same, in order to satisfy the needs of Banco FIE. Collaborate in the development and implementation of strategies in the arrangement and maintenance of links, networks and communication in general of the entity, managing CISCO communications equipment both routers and switches. Develop and implement the annual program (POA) of communication and networks. Cooperate in the execution, completion and administration of processes in the installation of communication links of all FIE Bank establishments nationwide. Creation and implementation of methods, standards and policies on the area in question by analyzing the requirements of the different units of the institution in relation to the systematization needs. Coordinate and develop activities and projects managing human and technological resources under his/her own responsibility. Detect existing needs in the institution, and investigate and apply new strategies and/or methodologies of information and communication technology.

FIE Bank S.A. | Sep 2009 - Mar 2011

Comprehensive Security Analyst

National administrator and responsible for users in all the systems that the institution manages for its operation as a banking entity. Support in the supervision of Technological Risk and control of both physical and logical security. National Administrator of users supervising registrations, cancellations and modifications in the different systems used by Banco Fie S.A. Control of the consistency and coherence of the users in the Oracle and PostgreSQL databases of the SIGAF financial system and the SAFIE accounting system respectively, both proprietary systems of Banco Fie S.A. Creation and maintenance of the menus in the SIGAF financial administration system for the different users and their respective roles within the company. Support in the physical and integral security of the agencies at national level analyzing the surveillance systems.

Consultant M.S.D. S.R.L. | Jun 2009 - Aug 2009

Programmer Systems Engineer

Support in the creation of a software and different modules for the Cooperative of Potable Water and Sanitary Sewage of the Municipality of Uriondo in the department of Tarija. Development of different modules in Visual Studio C# for the accounting control and budget area. Support and development of modules for the fixed assets system and customer service based on Visual Studio C#.

IT Answare | Dec 2008 - Mar 2009


Support to the Payroll System for the control of human resources and different payroll modules for the company Irupana in Power Builder 6.0. Data migration with SQL Server 2005. Development of reports in Power Builder 6.0 of different modules of the Irupana Spreadsheet System. SQL Server 2005 Database Management "Filling and Modifications". Support and development of modules for the fixed assets system "Assets Controls" for the control of fixed assets in Visual Studio C#.

Technical Consultancy For The Development Tarija-Bolivia S.R.L. | Jun 2008 - Nov 2008

Network Technical Support

Structuring and corrective preventive maintenance of the LAN network. Design, assembly and configuration of the corporate WiFi network. Assignment of different security controls and filters for access to the Intranet and Internet network according to different factors. Maintenance and registration of IPs. Support in the maintenance of the mail server and account control. Technical support in the configuration of the routers for the internal Wireless network. Collaboration in the technical support and maintenance of the equipment in the company.

My Education

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Data Scientist with R, in Data analysis, statistics and modelingDataCamp | 2022
Master in Big Data and Business Intelligence in Large-scale data management and business intelligence.King Juan Carlos University | 2017
Master in Telecommunications and Telematics in Telecommunications managementBolivian Catholic University | 2014
Specialization in Communications Networks and Telematics in Telematics and networksBolivian Catholic University | 2010
Diploma in Network Management and Computer Security in Computer and systems securityBolivian Catholic University | 2009

About Me

Ronald Rivera

As a data analyst, I am skilled in utilizing data to extract meaningful insights and solve complex problems. My technical abilities include proficiency in programming languages such as R, SQL and Python.

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