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Ryan Lisse

Ryan Lisse

Software Developer

HGG Group


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Python Data Fundamentals

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Introduction to Python

Insights conductor, orchestrating a symphony of knowledge from data melodies.

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Introduction to Functions in Python


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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SALT | May 2023 - Present

Full-stack Developer

I possess a wide range of technical skills including Java, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, HTML5, CSS3, Redux, GraphQL, AWS, TDD, and CI/ CD. I was selected as one of 30 students from over 1000 applicants for an intensive Full Stack Java Developer program. I excel in full-stack web development, emphasizing practical learning, test-driven development, and Agile methodologies. My expertise extends to CSS, TypeScript, and the Spring Framework. I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work and building scalable web applications.
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Polygon Labs | Nov 2022 - Present

Guild Lead

investors, and startups - Connect community members through chats, events, and exclusive benefits - Foster networking, growth, and professional development - Produce visuals and written content - Host community calls and represent Polygon on podcasts - Stay up-to-date with Polygon technology and field inbound inquiries - Contribute to brand, content, and community strategies to support growth initiatives

W3B Lab Amsterdam | Oct 2022 - Present

Core Team: Developer Community Lead

- Core team member of W3bLab, driving Amsterdam's transformation into a hub for web3 developers - Onboarding developers into the web3 journey, addressing their needs and pain points - Connecting top-tier developers with resources and peers for growth and professional development - Hosting in-person events, workshops, and hackathons to engage with the local community - Synthesizing community insights to drive product improvements and represent W3B Lab in podcasts, meetups, and hackathons.

Ryan Lisse BV | Jan 2017 - May 2023

Freelance web developer

hearts and awards. - Technology Advisor: I work closely with clients to develop a strategic vision for their business, leveraging technology to improve customer experience, efficiency, and access valuable metrics. I also offer scoping and consultation services, offering advice and a fresh perspective. - Product Developer: I help brands bring their physical and digital world together by building online platforms, websites, and e-commerce solutions that are both visually stunning and strategically sound. I use platforms like Webflow, WordPress, and Headless CMS to create solutions that delight and convert. - Automation and Tool Development: I streamline processes and create efficiencies for my clients through automation and tool development. Whether it's automating workflows, building a client portal, or reinventing internal systems, I design and develop digital solutions that supercharge existing processes and help businesses thrive. With a deep understanding of the tech industry and a commitment to excellence, I am driven to help my clients succeed and grow their businesses.

Vrijwilligers en Mantelzorg Centrale Almere | Mar 2021 - Mar 2022

Public Relations Communications Coordinator

- Managed PR and Communications for the organization with focus on connecting with new groups of residents in the city - Led digital transformation, including migration to Microsoft 365, rebranding with a new logo and website platform - Redefined the vision, prioritized employer branding to attract more millennials - Helped the organization reach and connect with a wider audience and enhance its image.

Stichting JAMES-Almere (Jongeren Almere met een stem) | Jan 2019 - Present

Strategisch adviseur

- Connect young people in Almere with the city and its community projects - Empower youth to play a role in decision-making in Almere and provide opportunities for personal growth - Bring together different groups to form a collective voice and actively involve them in community initiatives - Serve as a strategic advisor to drive initiatives that positively impact the youth in Almere.

Manage Your Socials | Jun 2017 - Mar 2021

Business Consultant

and experiences - Passion for quality in entertainment, tech and gaming - Creativity to solve challenges in any industry - Thinking, planning and executing approach - As Product Developer, build online platforms, websites and e-commerce solutions - Specialize in automation and tool development to streamline processes and create efficiencies - Design and develop digital solutions to supercharge existing processes and help businesses thrive

Tele2 Nederland | Jan 2013 - Jul 2016

Senior Customer Service Engineer

As a Senior Customer Service Engineer at Tele2 Nederland, I am responsible for managing incidents, analyzing incoming alarms, coordinating and communicating with other departments and field engineers, and providing support and guidance to customers. My excellent communication and interpersonal abilities help to ensure that customers have a stable and well- functioning network and that they remain satisfied. My responsibilities include: • Analyzing incoming alarms from monitoring systems • Escalating incidents to internal and external parties • Informing customers and stakeholders of network status • Supporting field engineers with troubleshooting and network activities • Contributing to process and procedure improvement to enhance customer satisfaction

Hyplified | Feb 2008 - Jan 2016



The Alpha Project | Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

Owner, Consult,


SKVR | Jan 2004 - Jan 2009

WorkShop Docent


My Education

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Ethereum Developer Bootcamp, Web3 Blockchain technology  · (NovemberAlchemy University | 2022
Bachelorgraad, HBO Cryptocurrency en blockchaintechnologie  · (MarchLOI | 2022
Albeda College
Solidity Bootcamp, ComputerwetenschappenEncode Club | 2022

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