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Saksham Somani

Saksham Somani

BI Analyst

University of Illinois | Chicago


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Intermediate SQL Queries

Data-driven magician, making the impossible possible.

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Intermediate SQL Queries


Project: Analyze International Debt Statistics


Project: Analyzing Unicorn Companies

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University of Illinois Chicago | Jun 2023 - Dec 2023

Graduate Hourly

• Collaborate with a professor to develop and maintain a comprehensive digital collection website focused on American history by creating a SQL relational database to speed up the data retrieval process for readers. • Implement a robust relational database to catalog 1K+ instances of art and popular culture referencing ancient history by using SQL to design the schema & necessary relations while promoting efficient data management. • Enhance 1K+ database entries with crucial details like creators, distributors, creation dates, and imagery by incorporating 200+ online resource links for deeper information by removing duplicates & titling data entries. • Create 3 browser pages and sorting features for focused searches on art pieces by using SQL queries (GROUP BY, etc.) allowing 300+ daily users to filter data based on more extensive criteria & improve its usability.
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University of Illinois Chicago | Feb 2023 - Dec 2023

Graduate Assistant

• Oversee a scholarly communication SQL database of 50K+ research publications and academic resources by creating MS SQL Server reports & dashboards to ensure swift data retrieval and an excellent user experience. • Deploy 20+ interactive university-level Tableau & Power BI reports using SQL Server Reporting Services by facilitating 1K+ user interactions/month through providing time series insights on publications & research. • Create 15+ dynamic Tableau visualizations showing scholarly data into bar charts, time series, scatterplots, etc. showing grant amounts received to increase research data engagement with faculty & students by 18%. • Apply the SQL Server Reporting Tool to create user & category-based annual reports where one could easily retrieve a professor or department’s entire list of works/research over a certain period.

LMS Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. | Jun 2019 - Jul 2019



My Education

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Master of Science - MS, Business AnalyticsUniversity of Illinois at Chicago - Graduate College | 2023
Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Information Technology  · (July 2017 - JuneSRM University | 2021

About Me

Saksham Somani

Business Analyst with a strong background in SQL, data modeling, Tableau, and PowerBI. Proficient in the art of data analysis and visualization, dedicated to facilitating informed business decision-making by uncovering meaningful patterns.

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