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Samidine Hamza

Samidine Hamza

Computer science engineer



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Data conductor, leading the orchestra of insights with analytical finesse.

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Analyzing unicorn company data


Intermediate Python


Introduction to Python

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Leyton | Aug 2022 - Present

Junior R&D tax consultant


Ecole Centrale Casablanca | Mar 2022 - Jul 2022

Research And Development Engineering Intern

This research activity acted on the difficulties faced in urban logistics. With the tremendous increase in population, urban mobility has became a real issue. Last mile delivery, a specific aspect that we worked on in this project concerning how online businesses can deliver goods to their customers while keeping externalities (CO2 emission factor, transportation cost, congestion...) at a low minimum. To solve this problem we established a state of the art on the previous studies linked to Vehicle Routing Problems, a classic combinatorial optimization problem that has revolutionized routing with the use of AI. Technologies used : - Meta-heuristics (Genetic Algorithm, Ruin and Recreate principle). - VRP, CVRP, TWVRP - Logistic/Combinatorial optimization. - ASIF methodology. - Matlab. - Open Door Logistics. - OpenStreetMapping.
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WAL-IT Services | Jul 2021 - Aug 2021

Web Developer

In 2 months, we created a web application using Java framework Spring boot for the Backend and Angular for the Frontend. - The web application aimed to automate the process of managing football matches reservations. - It had a Login/Registration, as well as a reservation and complaint services. - All the data was managed using MySQL Database.

My Education

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Engineer's degree, Computer science engineeringESITH Casablanca | 2022
PSI CPGE Lycée Mohamed V Casablanca | 2019

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Samidine Hamza

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