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Sammi Huang

Sammi Huang

Senior Associate Scientist



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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office


Introduction to Python


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Pfizer | Jun 2023 - Present

Senior Associate Scientist

- SME and Resource Manager for human complement and hSBA bravo/ manual protocols - Develop sera panels and human complement for developmental and clinical work - Investigate hSBA reagents to optimize the assay performance - Data analysis using Microsoft excel - Design investigational manual and bravo assays
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Pfizer | Apr 2021 - Jun 2023

Associate Scientist

Vaccine Research & Development, High-Throughput Clinical Immunoassays & Diagnostics (HCID) analyst for Meningococcal SBA (Serum Bactericidal Assay) team. - Proficient in performing manual bio-functional immunological SBA assay - Proficient in performing bio-functional immunological SBA assay using Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling platform for clinical testing and non-clinical testing (reagent qualification and method development) - Assay design in troubleshooting, optimization, and investigation - Assisted in creating bacterial working and experimental banks - Proficient in fluid verifying Bravo - Proficient in using CTL Immunospot - Proficient in LIMs - Maintain historical indices of experiments - Inventory Manager for critical reagents - Coordinate agar plate inventory between different teams - Maintain and lead cGMP/GLP laboratory compliance within labs - Performs responsibilities in compliance with current cGMP/GLP regulations

IView Therapeutics | Mar 2020 - Mar 2021

Research Associate

Worked at a small start up pharmaceutical company that specializes in clinical stage ophthalmology & otolaryngology drug development: - Developed topical and sterile nanoparticle formulations and conduct experiments on making lab batches, pilot batches, and scale-up trials as per Quality by Design (QbD) principles - Maintained laboratory notebooks according to SOPs - Followed GLP, GDP, GMP regulations - Performed pre-formulation analytical experiments of formulation characterization of nanoparticles using techniques such as pH, osmolality, particle sizing, zeta potential, HPLC - Presented in weekly meetings and completed weekly lab reports. - Literature research, design experiments, project protocols - Assisted with project management by communicating with vendors, CRO, CDMO, and other research institutes for collaborations and supplies - Performed and assisted in medical writing such as articles, SOPs, PIND, IND and grant writing. - Assisted in M&A analysis

ICON plc | May 2019 - Mar 2020

Scientist I

Worked for ADA (anti-drug antibody) department as a CRO scientist: - Performed pre-clinical immunogenicity tests for immunotherapy in different matrices using bio-analytical immunoassay methods (ELISA and MSD-ECL). - Cross trained for the ADA (Anti-Drug antibodies) and PK (Pharmacokinetics) department. - Method development for reagent testing and reagent qualification - Experienced in analyzing data using Gen5 and Biotek Plate readers for project leaders/principal investigators and clients - Followed SOP and GLP regulations

State University of New York at Buffalo - School of Pharmacy and


Pharmaceutical Sciences | Sep 2018 - May 2019

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Antibodies on Subcutaneous Bioavailability My senior year was dedicated to studying and understanding that the subcutaneous space is known to have reduced bioavailability and cause unwanted immunogenicity. This known fact negatively, affects the overall therapeutic effect of protein drugs. Previous studies in our lab have shown improvements in bioavailability by using hypertonic buffer to improve the lymphatic uptake of Rituximab (RTX) after subcutaneous (SQ) administration by increasing the volume expansion into extracellular matrix. The suggested mechanism is that hypertonicity leads to edema in the SQ space, prompting the lymphatic system to drain and thereby allowing biologics to be easily taken up by the body. The objective of my study is to better understand this mechanism by performing biophysical characterization of RTX to further understand protein-protein interactions (misfolding, unfolding, and aggregations) in secondary protein structure. The study of conformational and colloidal change in protein structures can affect the efficacy of IgG mAbs. Therefore, Circular Dichroism (CD) was used as the primary tool to study the secondary structure of RTX by measuring the ellipticity by detecting folding and conformational properties and stability.

My Education

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Master of Science - MS, BioinformaticsBrandeis University - Graduate Professional Studies | 2024
State University of New York at Buffalo - School of Pharmacy and
Bachelor's degree, Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmaceutical Sciences | 2019

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